Friday , February 3 2023

Gray area between state and Fsf (Matar Ba)


XALIMANEWS: Matar Bâna's Sports Minister denied his status on Tuesday as being a gray area between Senegal and the Football Federation (FSF).

He spoke to the national football team at the National Bomber Festival, the government works with the football team "all in all" and "the interests of Senegal football.

In terms of management, the Sports Minister believes that "it is necessary to go beyond visual line texts [leur] rigorous application. "" Our working conditions, we can improve trust and we are doing football federation, "he said.

As regards the national coach Aliou Cissé, he has not said that he has not extended his contract, that is, "the federation agent" helps the "state" [sa] financial support ".

"We are working hard to reassess salary of Aliou Cisser, which is quite normal compared to the sub-regional coaches," he said.

The President of the Football Federation of Senegal, Augustin Senghor, "it is clear that Aliou Ciss must continue to play her role."

"We have given four years of work and we are pleased that we are working," he said.

"We can not rate our national coach without thinking about his closest members," he added.

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