Friday , February 21 2020
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Great flooring for discovering underground parks in Paris

Have you dreamed, Carsten Höller has done it. Nominee Reorganization of Paris IIThe Ymagis group and renowned artists offer you a visual arts center with magnificent slides, replacing the former Grenier-Saint-Lazare car park. What to move quickly, surely and efficiently.

No, it's not just an amusement parkWork signed by German artist Carsten Höller. In the past, at the headquarters of the Grenier-Saint-Lazare car park, a 72-story underground car park has not been able to pick up from 2014. The Paris City Council has therefore decided Rectangle 6 levels of 2,200 m2 (just that)

In this program: There were two giant slides with 18 meters in depth at the Parisian bowl ! The room will feature a 600 m2 work space and a post-production space with feature films and series 300 m2 contemporary art exhibition space. And bonus: lifts and metal stairs are planned to raise the surface.

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