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Grève en Grèce: «What's austérité à allutages étages»

Banderole en main, Vassilis Myrsinias spoke at the streets of Athen, on Wednesday, at the appeals of the General Confederation of Travailleurs du Privé (GSEE). Malgré des ranges clairsemés, barman of 32 years in this I persuade: «C'est a debut I'm telling you that when you revive the rights of Greece that gives you two economically deadly politics! " Certainly, the end of the structural adjustment programs was carried out on 20 August. But he pays for himself under the tutelage of his creditors. Alors Vassilis Myrsinias is categorical: "The government has fundamentally no change of orientation … I have the austerity to all the ears." Understand the pace of public deeds with public deeds in the prime of a tax policy.

Lors de cette journée de grève générale, the demonstrators in veulent pour preuve ce premier budget discussed on November 21 in the Parlement. Here comes Vassilis Myrsinias n'en démord pas, ce budget n'est qu'une pâle copy of ce qui fait in Grèce depuis bientôt dix ans: «Le gouvernement, who was told about gauche, proposed an amélioration in the domains of the saint or of education.» You need to add, in the form of revendication: «Today's minimum wage has risen to 586 euros gross, it has been rewarded with the crisis, 751 euros. New demands for my working conditions, I returned from collective agreements where I was abolished by the last year and the effective end of measures of austerity. »

Do not go back coupes

On Wednesday, as protesters beat him, Premier Minister Aléxis Tsipras is facing the heads. To the tribune du Parlement, chef of file Syriza (the gauche grecque), tried to defend themselves are bilan et sa loi de finances pour 2019. «The austérité appartient au passé», In fact, after paying eight years of recession, you will receive a repurchase of 2.5% in 2019. And you just think that in this perspective that the budget, currently in debt, should be afficher une hausse du volet des dépenses … the première depuis une décennie. Afterwards I will know 27 years ago in the collections since 2010, the government has announced that I will not be effective again coupes … I missed the demands of the IMF.

Députée de Syriza and member of the commission des affaires socials, Betty Skoufa explains: «The croissance is beneficial to the majority of society. And I believe that new clients have built a budget. » Elle souligne, yes, in 2015, lorsque are part is arrivée à la tête du gouvernement, "The social debts meant that of 790 million euros, the highest possible level would be for the 28 member states, they would be spending about 3 millions of euros each year. Et ce au benéfice des crèches, des écoles or encore de la formation professionnelle … » I need to add: «620,000 would have gone to their pensions to increase their contributions 300 000 familles perceve a partnership with the logement. »

Apparences trompeuses

Do you cough enough to ruin the population? «When I voted for Syriza, in 2015, what part of the new party is that I will not be able to refrain from doing it … Il n'en a rien fait! Or maybe I'll have a coup d'arrêt immédiat à l'austérité … Lá encore, mensonge …, Panayotis Pagoutsos, a simple demonstrator, is insulted, but whoever proposes quoting a report from the International Labor Organization (ILO). The rappel that would pay you where to go "An annual reimbursement of new revenue of 3.1% in moyenne from 2008". Etudiante en periodisme, Marinela Kourkoundouri, 24 ans, partage ce ras-le-bol: «In spite of all the decades, the work conditions were slowed down, the rate increased, the salaries were down. Ma mère, retracted, stopped voir the pension diminished… Comment peut-on trouver ça acceptable? »

But voila, the government is in a situation that resembles a square of the circle. Difficult to heat up the colère who mount lorsque the maneuver margins are faible. In the South of the budget plan, Greece has been revamped under the surveillance of the European Union, this decision being validated by the European Commission. Sans Compter respects a series of engagement, urging Celen to force Athenas to offer a senior budget son of the budget (hors service of the credit) of 3.5% in 2022. Regarding the social return , the appearances are in spiteful reality. "Certainly, I have spent 26% of the population active at least 20% today, but voilà emblem loans are mostly part time" explained the economics professor Savas Robolis, from the university of Athens. In your mother's day, your predictions are for you troubled. «You will pay back the employment rate for 2009 that in 2040 … You love, il faudra pour cela that the croissance increase of 1.5% annual jacket», affirm-t-il.

Fabien Perrier Corresponding Athenians

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