Monday , June 14 2021

Gulf Capital and AfricInvest invested 51 million dollars in iSON Xperiences

The product of co-investissement will be utilized for the croissance et les besoins in routine funds, in addition to the acquisition of actions followed by a minority investor

Gulf Capital, the partner of alternative asset management companies, gives you the most important and the most dynamic of the Moyen-Orient, and AfricInvest, a societal panafricaine capital-investing premier plan that is based on the capitalisations, is associated to The premiere was designed to foster a structured loan and an investment in actions for an amount of 51 million dollars to iSON Xperiences (formerly iSON BPO Limited) (, one of the most important partners / partners for the provision of outsourcing services and customer expérience, who operates in 14 countries of Africa and India.

Gulf Credit Opportunities Fund II, the eighty privately held funds of Gulf Capital, and AfricInvest Fund III, the third generation of Pan African African fundraising, on the fourni ensemble, a total of 25.5 million dollars of financial parity engagement you give me The product of co-investissement will be utilized for the croissance et les besoins in routine funds, in addition to the acquisition of actions followed by a minority investor.

iSON Xperiences, the largest shareholder in the field of customer experience and services rendering in sub-Saharan Africa, represents approximately 75% of the market, South Africa. The activities of the company serve 425 million end-users of telecommunication services through 27 apprentices centers in 13 sub-Saharan countries, in South Africa and in India. Today, iSON Xperiences is a partnering and valuable consultant for customers who are aware of the fact that they are still in charge of customer management, as well as a worldwide dynamic environment.

Fondée in 2010, iSON Xperiences (formerly iSON BPO Limited) has launched its operations in six countries of Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Chad, even in India, in It is constantly available from the service center of appel au section des télécommunications. The company knows rapid expansion and transformed your activities to offer customer service expertise external and solutions to the sectors of banking and insurance, sales, deals, and travel, from Media and entertainment, of aviation and electronic commerce, in plus du section des télécommunications.

Le Dr. Karim El Solh, Managing Director of Gulf Capital, said: "iSON Xperiences is another example of the situation in Afrique that we are new to ravens to get along with the co-investment with AfricInvest. We have solutions from private companies that make up a flexible financial instrument for the leaders of the researcher and the fundraiser for the deployment of the first step in the next year. New feeds for your firm commitment to fuse, to all your clients, an expérience client of superior qualities of the final customer. The last two investments were spent, last year, for Gulf Capital in sub-Saharan Africa and new impatience rates for our seismic expansion in the region. »

Adam Hadidi, director of the Private Department of Gulf Capital, commented in a few words: «iSON Xperiences is an inspiring example of the way I do not have a business opportunity, starting from a statute of service provider serving a unique sector in a seul pays, croètre de manière impressionnante sur tous les marchés et secteurs. Afterwards, iSON was transferred from the position of service provider to a partner center of bout-in-bout in the domain of client experience, offering a unique experience in the final consommateur. The management team has a clear vision and made you valuable in the development of the first plan activities. Nous sommes heureux nous associer à AfricInvest pour soutenir iSON sur le chemin de la croissance. »

Hakim Khelifa, an executive partner of AfricInvest, added: "The industry of outsourcing of business processes (BPO) is a major sector for Africa, who offers a number of possibilities for emploi. AfricInvest, who has an extensive experience of investing in the domain of outsourcing of businesses, is aware of the opportunities that are being invested by iSON Xperiences. As a leading provider of customer experience in sub-Saharan Africa, the company is well-off for the past, they are a geographic expansion and beneficiary of the work of innovative numerical strategies. We are convinced that iSON's breakthrough in the supplementary effort that is dedicated to a client and a client-centered customer experience that offers end-users. New impatient sommes of new associates in Gulf Capital to accompany iSON Xperiences dans quette voie passionnante. »

Ramesh Awtaney (, the founding member and president of the iSON Group, will declare: «Chez ISON, we would like to continue our new transformation to offer clients from complete solutions of numerical management of the ' Expérience client coupled with the processes and technology, we are increasingly inclined to join the new investment partners, Gulf Capital and AfricInvest, who has a close relationship with the sector and the geography. We are reminded that, thanks to this new investment, we are continually looking at a new development path that allows us to become the most important provider of customer experience from emerging markets. New demurons have been forced to contribute to rapid innovation and the transformation of emerging market forces to relieve, end, and beyond vision. »

Cet accord représente sixtième inversion réalisé per Gulf Capital au travers de son débutème fonds d'créances de 251 millions de dollars, et le second en Afrique subsaharienne. In the iSO's fakeur engagement suite, the Gulf Credit Opportunities Fund II fund is destined to invest 52%. Pour le fonds AfricInvest fund III of 273 million dollars, il isitit du dixeème investissement; The fund is currently deployed in excess of 80%.

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