Sunday , June 13 2021

Happy Macky Sall's diary

Dakar, November 27 (APS) – Dailies was sent to the Senegal News Agency on Tuesday to discuss good work from an autobiography called "Senegal at the Heart", addressing other issues.

"Macky Sall retrieves his story" and summarizes in his Une newspaper L & # 39; AS magazine, whose publication was announced on the day of the President's Republic.

Through 168 pages of the book, published by Le Cherche Midi, Macky Salle "continues in his career, talks about his family and reports on new events," said the president in his statement.

"In this book, the Head of State speaks to himself, in his career, from his birth today", gives his readers details of the newspaper.

The publication reviews the origin of President Sall, his studies, in response to allegations of cannibalism against Abdoulaye Wad's predecessors.

"This question was asked by Ndouloumadji Founbe, my father's village and Nguidjilogne, my mother, my relatives, my family, to all Fouta indignators, and injured (…) not to respond to those accusations," says the author mentioned by the author of the book .

About this book that is related to the regular use of the daily newspaper One The Daily, "Sallek Macky tells it."

In a good print, the newspaper shows its reader, a point of view of certain political actors, the point of view of the state. "Idy (Idrissa Seck) is a man with an authoritarian tendency." (Abdoulaye) When Wade's paranoia was sinking, power was not changed for me, "the book begins.

For Observer, through this book, "Macky Sall Ever Everlasting." In his columns, the day-old dakarois reports, "20-year history politics" has made human courage, tears, intrigue, humiliation and revenge, sometimes underlined, but always stunning, starting with the head of the presidential fate. "

"In 2000, it seems that in 2000, it was a girl who had to be forced into a small studio in financial difficulty, obviously, of course," says Vox Populi, "under the guise of Macky's remnants of life."

Monday, Monday, at the National Assembly of Deputies, in the revision of the budget of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

He recalls the battlefield of the National Assembly of Walf Quotidien and does not question this incident in describing the "dark page of history" in Senegal.

"The deputies have re-published their favorite game: they are planning to support the assemblies. According to the conference, both sides were fought as a gladiator in one arena," said the newspaper columns.

The first mayor of Dakar appealed to the first and second instances, sentenced to five years 'imprisonment, and public price, Caisse d' Avance's management under the title "Khalifa, suspended candidate" before the city of Dakar Interest Sud Quotidien.

"The mayor of the capital can empty their cartridges before submitting applications, until December 11", writes a newspaper about information on the opening of an appeal for a questionable inquiry. his followers

The High Court Supreme Court for the first two courts will exclude the former head of the Socialist Party in election contests.

Concerns politically far away, Le Soleil preferred to pave the peanut marketing campaign by announcing that the maintenance of kilograms started at 210 CFA francs.

"According to the proposal made by the Campaign for Foreign Interprofessional Foreign Corporations (CNIA), the campaign will be launched on the 3rd of December," he said on a daily basis.

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