Saturday , June 19 2021

Huawei boycott call: what is the consequence?

The United States smacks Huawei products to their partners. What is the consequence of the French telecommunications market?

(CCM) – Full China-US trade warUS diplomats nowadays press allies to use the Chinese brand Huawei equipment. At least that's the report by the Wall Street Journal. On French marketboycott call may have consequences.

In France, Huawei is the main provider of telecommunications operators. Latest experiments 5G connection guided SFR and Bouygues Telecom They are all based on Chinese brand technology. Boycotter Huawei Strategic projects would be significantly reduced 5G network in France. This, perhaps, is called for a boycott in the calmness of the Washington authorities. Time is pragmatism.

The situation is very different in other countries. Since the summer of 2018, In Germany, in Australia and JapanThe precise steps to limit the use of Huawei fiber and 5G equipment have already been made. Other United States trading partners would reflect on the subject, including Italy. It must be said US allegations They are heavy against the Chinese provider: spyware, security errors, data transfer. The brand is accused of the Chinese government. Nothing less …

Faced with this pressure, the French authorities can reconsider the position of the Chinese manufacturer. Huawei examines and carries out all the equipment provided.

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