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Hypocrisy, our first wealth (by Serigne Saliou Gueye)

Nowadays, pseudo-religious drivers who send peace messages to Macky's electoral support are taking part in Diouf 2000 and Wade in 2012
When the 22 candidates who were held illegally by the Constitutional Council were elected as president of the election in February 2019, violence and violence have begun. Violence scenes have already started since the Constitutional Council has been "wise" since the provisional ones have been expelled Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade on January 14.

Khalifist, having been disappointed with the temporary removal of their adviser, when they proved their enemy, Ali Ngouille Ndiaye's soldiers buried him in the Dakar Taxawu headquarters, merging bomb gas bombs. And the tension was intensified The Constitutional Court Taxpark Dakar and PDS candidates knocked on January 21. Karim and Khalifist overwhelmed him.

Dem Dikar Dakar buses ransacked, collision between tires in the Grand Yoff field, police and Khalifa and Karim militants, the tragic sadistic landscape of this day was ruled out when presidential race, according to the good will of the prince, enjoyed the election of two Senegalese citizen voters. And violence continued the next day, when Khalifist was kidnapped, as soon as they disappeared. And in Pikine and Guédiawaye, the series of arrests continued with the pretext that they called Karim Wadek and urged Macky Sall to recall Pikineri. Commitments to decentralized ministers' committees were not a place to worship.
The struggle for freedoms in the 1960s and the 80s does not have any envy towards those who bring the Senegald today. However, the 2012 rounds were hopeful to overcome the conquest of democratic rights in Senegal. Nowadays, the police of the Senegalese people who are to serve citizens must be instrumentalized through the oligarchy, and the only objective is to defend all democratic rights. He became the sword of the army and the army, imposing a "black horror" in the exclusive service of citizens. The Senegald police does not, in any way, have a flexible and manipulative puppet system, we know that the Republic is basically the creation of the will of most citizens.

Its role is not against the violence against violence and the violence against violence against violence against violence. Today, Minister Ngouille seems to be in some way, the way of repression is at the expense of the respect for the ministers. The Senegal Police can rewrite Article 12 of the Human Rights and Citizens' Declaration: "Guarantee of man and citizen rights requires public power, which is why this force is set for the benefit of everyone, and not for its special uses."
Today, in the face of oppression, it becomes a right of resistance, right to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For this reason, the R-21 rhetoric of war on 21 January, the court declaration is based on attacks on the road. Since then, all the pigeons in the country have shown a banner of peace for peace and tranquility. NGOs, civil society, politicians, ulemas and imams, priests and bishops, and religious families, and other peace-makers, voted for C-25 casus belli to punish hypocritically or to step up a peaceful election. Senegal's first richness is hypocrisy. In this way demagogy and tarterie still have a bright future.
Why, suddenly, pseudo-pontiffs tend to reject peace at the same time, a large part of their responsibility, what happens in this country? What is the word of imam and ulemas, confirming the loyalty of the sovereign Sall and supporting her in the elections? The PES workshop was set up in Fatkins on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, Bennoo Bokk Yaakaar's imams and bumps bitterly said: "Macky Sall is a male man who made many religious houses. His accomplishments are everywhere. Religious countries We are grateful for everything that has been done, but it is his duty, but his predecessors, Macky Sall, President of the Imams of Senegal … Senegal continues to make headway, we must win Macky Salle in election 2019 and hope that it will not win. It will be the same as the presidential candidate list … Macky Sall deserves to be re-elected and is in our support, because the rural world has taken good care of its policy. We are no longer paid unpaid bills, and, unfortunately, the production of farmers has been killed. In addition, social benefits make a lot of goods for the beneficiaries. "
Words that are more false than Macky's imams. It must be said that the rural world struggles to sell its peanuts, considering that the president is nothing more than ignorance or demagogy in his politics. If they prove that there are no good voting factors, they are immersed in buses and air conditioning mosques or in Islamist centers, a hot reality in the world of agriculture. As farmers of Joan Saloum and Ndoucoumane say, they are not more than bonus books. Certainly, these imams may play it at ease to please the Prince, but it is a duty to say the truth in Sura 9 "Meditation of sobrinition", in accordance with 119, "O believe you!" Fear be God and be true. But the plague of Senegal does not foolish nonsense, but rather says the Majesty to the truth.
Where were Bassirou Faye and Fallou Sene splashed into these modern-day regimes? Where were the pampering rhymes with friends "Mbarass" during the inauguration of the mosque of Tartuffes Guédiawaye? Satan was glad that day because he was robbed of God's men. Is it not after the imams, ulemas and religious families, on Friday, August 19, 2011, at the Palace of the Republic, President Abdoulaye Wade to share 50 million FCFA "Ndogou" sweet?

Where were these men of God, whose powers today allowed Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade to violate a violent political violence against the civil rights movement and civil rights? and the fundamental policy of being in the democratic election contest? Have they denounced the accusation of the detainee who had suffered PDS since 2012? Do you face these religions as a "good fight" as St. Paul says?

What kind! They decided they were bad, always turning their shoulders on the suffering of the people, with no privileged commitment to freedom. "Peace is the work of righteousness," says Prophet Isaiah, and it is normal that when this war for justice is rejected, this facticious peace rises on the face. It shows in Senegal that we do not want peace to build, but we do not care.

It does not matter what destruction, side damage and adverse effects. Jean Jaurès speaks of the "storm cloud" in Senegal, despite the politics of ostrich rulers led by Ismaïla Madior Fall and Oumar Youm in Senegal.
This is what Jarkarlo said on January 25 to say farewell to Abbot Thiaw: "The Church always prefers to be in favor of the people." It has always been with the Catholic Church. Cardinal Hyacinthe Thiandoum fought Léopold against the president Sédar Senghor, arbitrarily imposing the president of the Governing Council of Mamadou Diá.

She was also the main player of the 2000s, as Moustapha Niass created the AFP party at Abdou Diouf PS. During the vote for the protection of the law, the only leader of Benjamin Ndiaye's senegald brother questioned the libertarian initiative, for example, when religious Muslims ruled by cowardly silence.

In 2011, on June 23, only members of the Léona Niassène and Serigne Abass Sall family heard that the Republican President was asked to suspend his candidacy, which created a whole occurrence. deadly violence All other Marabas in vain asked their talibes not to participate in the participation of the monarchical division of democracy in the participation of civil and democratic forces. But it was not the citizens of the matter, justice and democracy of the taliban.
Today, religious bishops send peace messages to the Macky electoral support in 2000 in Abdou Diouf and Abdoulaye Wade in 2012. Their prayers, divinities and divinities are not a change of people in the face of mere practice.

Serigne Saliou Guèye

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