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In Fashion Week, Jacquemus presents small handbags

FASHION – Opening this Paris Fashion Week, on Monday, February 25, the brand Jacquemus showcases new models of "autumn-winter" collection, including mini handbags.

XXL caps with excessive use – for those who do not really like the sun – or if the bag is big enough to store the bicycle, the designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has gone to the other extreme.


In Paris, Jacquemus branded a mini-bag, "Mini Chiquito".


Excessive lifestyle, Simon Porte Jacquemus created these bags in 2017.

Olivia's handbags, a heavy dress, Jacquemus continues to play in the ends. The "Mini Chiquito" bags contain only a key or ring with minimal content … because it is completely. And the creator is not the first attempt of minimalism.

On the 24th of September 2019, presented at the "Riviera" collection of the year, Jacquemus paraded in the gardens of the Italian Embassy in Paris, with small "Vanity".

The prices of these bags, however, are not so minimalist. I expect € 405 "Chiquito" or € 200 "Vanity". And if a practical question asks about the usefulness of the bag – the finger bag would be just right – the fans will not be fashionable, but style.

This article was originally published by Le HuffPost in France.

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