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Inauguration of administrative construction: Macky rescues Mamadou Dia •

President of the Republic, Macky Salle, renewed the Administrative Building, now enrolled at Mamadou Day. deceased On January 25, 2009, Dakar was the dayPresident of the Board Between the Ministries, from 1957 to 1962

"Why do I call the Mamadou Day Construction Administration"

"In the name of Senegaliar, Mamadou Dia's Chairman of the Council of Ministers adopted Mamadou Dia, the name of the administrative building." The President of Macky Salle of the Republic declares that this is the reception of this building. Through this act, he said: "I wanted to honor this great state civil servant and I wanted to increase this prolific, trusting, prolific and prosperous Senegalese messenger from Senegal, Mamadou Dia, without a doubt, our young people, public agents and the political class, citizenship As an example, a tireless worker, rigor and probity commitment remains a model. " According to him, this administrative building, over the age of 60, is working for the State at the service of its citizens. The government action was the heart of a laboratory that organized the public service. They expand the actions of the strategic decisions that make up the Republic's highest national life and destiny. This historic advertisement has defied in time.

"This building is a strategy for our creation"

This time, the administrative construction has undergone an advanced degradation, which threatens the civilian security risks for its inhabitants and users. "That's why I started to renew Bamba Ndiaye in 2013. It was necessary to rehabilitate this building, to create this wonderful public merit of modern administration, to promote our creation strategy," said the President of the Republic. According to Macky Sall, this unprecedented project reflects a special commitment to protecting public goods and their national assets. In addition to the restoration of the façade, the building has had an important restoration to improve the strength of the main building and improve the safety and functionality of the premises, according to the environmental and social norms. modern "This green building allows efficient water management, but energy saving is also important thanks to its photovoltaic system, with an electrical power of 546 kW, among other things, has an innovative centralized and computerized management system for all installations," he explains.

Building figures

For his part, Christian Adovelande, president West African Development Bank (BOAD) said that this important infrastructure will improve comfort and work environment, reduce energy costs, among other things. "That is why the 18-year economic return rate project was easily approved by BOAD decision-making bodies," he said. According to him, the contribution of the financial institution to this operation is 25 million FCFAs, combining 919 million euros in Senegal, all sectors combined. In fact, there have been several modifications and changes that significantly improve the construction work environment. The number of rooms between 539 and 634 has increased, with 9 meeting rooms, 32 waiting rooms, 53 individual rooms, 61 bathrooms, 23 warehouses, 67 technical rooms, 12 room service rooms. Outlet for exit 10th 275 seats, including 70 seats, two restaurants at R-1 and 10 Square seats 286 and 318, respectively, with modern kitchen equipment; The number of lifts increases from 7 to 12 and 2 lifts; The ministry offices located in each level on the ground floor of the North and South wings (3th Section 8th on floors), interior bathroom office, waiting room and assistant office with the Secretary-General and one of the cabinet executives in each of the ministries. Covered parking in 2 levels, 174 seats in total

This is not all, as is foreseen by the Office of the Secretary General of the Government. It also has a covered parking space, with 2 levels, with a total of 174 parking spaces. And six (06) lifts and two (02) lifts were added to the building. Also, twenty-two (22) new sanitary blocks are sanitary.

Design 9th Second Deputy Secretary General of Government Office, installation of a two-unit air conditioning upgrade system, according to the regulations of Occupational Health and Safety; The installation of the GTB system (Construction Management System), the first in Africa, allows the centralization of control and monitoring of the technical installations of the station computer. They are other aspects of the building. It also registers several slave installations, such as office lighting, office air conditioning, office shutters, air handling units, inverters, outdoor lighting, suppressors, generators, lifts, solar energy and fire safety systems.

Likewise, control of low-emission crystals: reduce thermal transmittance; automatic air conditioning when opening doors or windows or in the occupied office; The 10-mn automatic shutting-off work (if the time can be configured with Gtb) is if the office is occupied; lighting regulation, daylight lighting and occupancy; Installation of LED lamps; Installing a closed source circuit or a water flow detection system … strengthen the building's intelligence. Regarding the updating of fire safety regulations, some measures have been taken. Indeed, for the execution of 10th Floor, Building IGH (High rise building), which requires specific fire safety regulations. In this way, it was closely related to the Civil Protection Office, with the appropriate provisions in accordance with the regulations. They are primarily passive protective plaster protectors from fire; the smoke extraction network; energy supply and drinking water recovery and filling; installing a fire detection network or installing the RIA (Armed Fire Faucet) network, empty columns and hydrants.

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