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Judgment of the fall blow: "The lawyer is like a tortoise and a sticker", Me Mamadou Traoré


President of the Bar Association of Burkina Faso during the coup d'état in September 2015, led by the Mamadou Traoré Military Court on November 21, November 21, 2018. Attack and battery, the accused does not accept and admit guilty.

The main colonel Boureima Kiéré, head of the President of the Phase, during the coup d'état, is Bâtonnier Mamadou Traoré. According to his relationship with events, Naaba Koom II ended on September 16, 2015 (11:00 p.m.), as Senegalese President Macky Sall. Eventually, after learning about the kidnapping of the transitional authorities, at 10 o'clock, he called on the phone by canceling his contract with Michel Kafando, without further action.

According to him, general Gilbert Diendéré was in touch with the decision that the seventh crisis of the RSP occurred, that the transitional president would not have happened. . The emissary, therefore, called General Diendéré to send the message, from there to the presence of the camp. Eventually, he arrived at midnight so he could convey the message.

Yonaba Colonel Doctor, Korogo Commander, Captain Zoumbri, Me Traore and other people's testimonies was well and truthful at one of the changes in the CND statement in the Kidego Nagusia office. Read it in the morning on September 17, 2015. The referee does not recognize himself after leaving the message that he left at home.

Likewise, in a report on merit queries, Diendéré General took part in the representation of the lawyer when the ECOWAS State Courts were mediated. This is not for me, Mr Traoré said that the meeting was attended by President Macky Sall, ECOWAS President and Mediator in this crisis.

The prosecution has asked the court to explain some words "the lawyer can not leave his profession". When the questions asked by the accused were questioned in merit. The latter declares this statement in one of the following terms: "The lawyer is like a turtle and a sticker. Or you are going to be a lawyer, as long as the lawyer is a person and his profession.

In order to clarify his torch, Me Seraphin Somé asked why he should torture to go to Campora, to send him to the Diendéré General, while he was able to do so on the phone. Bâtonnier exhorts to believe that this attitude is the execution of the mission that he commanded.

Me Séraphin returns his position as to why he has been accused of not being accused of being accused by the message of his master's account, even through SMS. Come back to me, the main question was that the President Kafando was doing well. President Macky Sall had no problems late at night, or early morning. Listen to former Bâtonnier on Thursday, November 22, 9.

Marcus Kouaman

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