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Karim Wade: between the right hammer and the ring wrap

The Democratic Party of the Sénégal (Pds), the last political party of power, Mr. Karim Wade, as president of the 24th of February 2019, presidential election. Its entrepreneurs step into the ground to obtain the maximum protection of the new Senegalese constitutional and legal demands. But the legal sand is in the political machine, the nominee candidate with a 6-year-old prison sentence and a lawsuit against the illegal repressive wealth of F CFA 138,000 million (CREI). Through the Presidential Decree, the payment of the money must be paid to the Treasury. However, a few days after the report by the UN Human Rights Commission, Karim Wade, on 22 October 2018 and reported to the Senegalese state, the trial of Crei and the recommendations of the UN body require a reopening of the trial.
"When it comes to merging and joining together, we will reach the cliff fronts," they say. From the beginning of the birth of disease property, many semantic trademarks, illegal wealth, public funds and theft of mischief have been lost. Likewise, Crei was named as the character of its own nature and, in short, the UN Committee was misused.
First of all, misuse of public funds and theft is a matter of law. Their legal regime is undoubtedly the responsibility of the accuser, the victim and not the supposed authors. Unlawful enrichment is not a legal status. Crei establishes the law that affirms. As UN denounced, it was created by Crei to introduce Mr. Karim Wade in 2012, the 81-54 Law of July 10, 1981, according to the regime of Abdou Diouf. . It is the 81-53 Law of 10 July 1981 that Crei, in its article 3, refers to Article 163 bis of the Penal Code, which defines illegal wealth. In the end, "when a criminal offense against illicit wealth occurs, a simple notification, a person named above, the holder of a selected office or government function, can not do … justify it as a source of resources, a legacy, or a way of life, to be ". For this reason, as a legal situation (inability to verify the origin or personal origin of life), illegal enrichment is the act of law, money laundering, bribery or theft, all of the economic crimes. These events may be reasons of elusive wealth, but they are not constitutional elements. Therefore, the alleged author demonstrates his innocence and guilty, not the accuser.
In addition to not being a special jurisdiction, according to the previous, Crei is a specialized jurisdiction to judge only one type of crime and not as a category of special judges, Jewish courts or martial courts.
All of these terminology sites, in the United Nations Committee, before making their report, were not clear to Karim Wade. In addition, the only remedy after the court of Crei is the call for complaints, in accordance with article 17 of Law 81-54: "Court rulings are subject to an appeals case, and they have the authority of the Judicial Judge and remain permanently. will be international.
Thus, the reconsideration of a retrial or judicially authorized prosecution trial is not in any way in the national jurisprudence of the United Nations Organization and in n There is no jurisdiction, no super-judge judge.
At the same time, its decisions do not link legal values ​​and forces. In the end, according to the law, the UN Human Rights Commission does not revoke the power and does not declare Kremi's decision by Krii Wade on March 23, 2015. He did not make a mere assessment, but a process of review of administrative law, but the judicial system of Senegal and criminal law were assessed.
The pardon given by President Karim Wade is in the constitution of the Prerogative of the Second. However, he limited the prison sentence. Like Senegals, it is the use of constitutional right to travel in elections and the use of abuse. However, the amount of the debt to be paid to the Treasury for 138 thousand million euros will not be deducted. The answer will be the result of the exclusive power of justice, whether current or not, and to allow the Parliament to be amnesty. In the rest, any other authority expresses its desire. Only one law issued by the National Assembly of Amnesty is established, and the origin of a government can be generated by invoices or by a bill. For coherence, the judge of freedom must only worry or leave, especially in the case of a parliamentary party, as it wishes in Senegal.
"The forecast of the future is misleading or deceived," they told our ancestors Bantu.

Mouhamadou Mounirou SY
Master's Degree in Public Law Conferences
Thies University

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