Wednesday , July 6 2022

Khalifa I played in December •


Taxwa Senegaal announces the new issue: The State is in a maneuver's train for the sake of luck that Khalifa Sall was playing before the end of the year. Ce, let the former mother of Dakar not be able to participate in the electoral journeys of 2019.

"From informations in our indiscriminate possession that you process in cassation in the affair of the advancement of the Ville de Dakar, it took place later in December (…) There is no doubt that the message is clear. Khalifa Ababacar Sall succeeds in resigning the candidature without the proceedings before the Supreme Court will be scheduled to take the decision definitively before the presidential election, "souligne Taxawu Senegaal.

Pour qu'une telle chose if it did not happen, the Khalifa Sall partisans interpellate the magistrates and the appellee "I refuse to take them from the Supreme Court exercising the first office in the but manifests from Macky Sall aide to eliminate a political adversary" .

Car, indiquent-ils, "the Supreme Court does not have a voting office and you have no responsibility for eliminating a candidate for the presidential election."

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