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LDC: Sadio Mané is decisive but goes down in Paris •

The Paris Saint-Germain race continues in the first phase of the league champions. Liverpool 2-1 victory on Wednesday, the capital's team was the second place in the Group on the last day of the team.

The Paris Saint-Germain was expected to continue the league's adventure on Wednesday night at the Parc des Princes. The success achieved against Liverpool (2-1) is achieved! The PSG did not have everything easy, it was placed in the second half, but the main thing is that it is a good state in Paris on the last day. PSG puts on us the right ingredients to determine a Paris SG and conquer it, Paris will put it right away! They found a great deal about Thomas Tuchel's men, and Di Maria and Mbappé got some dangerous options. But Liverpool goalkeeper at the end of the quarter final Bernat (1-0, 14. Opening of the scoring merit, from Paris to the start, and then the PSG came down to intensity and Liverpool set the ball at the foot of the ball, and later in Paris, Reds suffered a lot of attacks without Buffon As he was worried, on the edge of the field, Tuchel was not happy to see his players see less laundry, but the Paris coach again smiled Neymar after the race (2-0, 37). They took advantage of two goals, but Liverpool scored a penalty kick on Mané's Di Maria yesterday. PSG players were angered, but the guilt was genuine and Milner shut the gap (2-1, 45. + 1). In the second half he was attacked and he was in trouble in Paris. The players of Tuchel made the opponents too fast, and in Buffon he saw the red wave that remained in the corner. PSG was not the second time, Mbappé was completely transparent since the return of the changing rooms. They could not build anything in Paris, and Alisson had to worry about Marquinhos. It's been a few minutes and there's been a threat to the last minute. Directed by a giant Thiago Silva until the Parisian defense last whistle. Paris won a second place against Belgrade in the Red Star

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