Saturday , June 19 2021

Le "e-money", sponsor of financial inclusion at the UEMOA (gouverneur BCEAO)

Dakar, Nov. 27 (APS) – Le développement accéléré des produits de la finances digitale ou "e-money" contributed to the consolidation of the financial inclusion dynamics of the economic and monetary union ouest-africaine (UEMOA), the Soutenu Mardi in Dakar le gouverneur de la Banque centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (BCEAO), Tiémoko Meyliet Koné.

From that perspective, who took advantage of the "numerical revolution" of the last years, in general from the "significant recalls" to the UEMOA, he also indicated the opening of a Forum de haut niveau sur le thème "Les innovations technologiques au service de l'inclusion financière".

"The innovations, especially the adoption of mobile and smartphone telephones, facilitated the increase of access to financial services for entreprises et aux populations jusque-là difficiles à atteindre", to souligné M. Koné.

He added that "remarketable development" of the financial inclusion during the last decades would be dissociated from the expansion of technological innovations in the world.

Selon Tiémoko Meyliet Koné, whose financial inclusion is made up of "the ensemble des réformes conduites (…) pour tirer davantage des d'innovations, in order to promote the access of populations to financial services in favorable conditions to vulnerable populations" .

Citing the 2017 "Global Findex" triennial report, it seems that the proportion of attorneys in an e-mail account has been sent or researched by electronic voie pass from 67% in 2014 to 76% in 2017 in the world and 57 % to 70% in developing countries.

The global association of mobile phone operators (GSMA, in English) estimates, to a large extent, a million dollars worth of everyday transactions over mobile telephony.

This meant that "the impact of innovations goes beyond the transformation of usages in the matière of financial services", in which they "declare all the border regions, offering ainsi au monde from spaces of expression virtuelles et sans limite ", I indicated the gouverneur of the BCEAO.

A great deal of restraint, mobile telephony does not affect the use of innovations favorable to financial inclusion, a-t-il relevé.

The major use of technological innovations is located in the first place on the level of planning, with the development of the online commerce, the new solutions for acceptance and paiement sans contact. There is also identification of populations for biometrics, a method that reappears in the world.

You also get digital finance, "the transfer of funds to the destination from underdevelopment is coming, from a few years, tendentially more important, plus stable and volatile currency than other financial flows," says BCEAO.

Throughout the discussion sessions, the Forum de haut niveau made it possible to pass on the links between the technology and the emergence of newly-produced financial instruments adapted to the needs of populations.

Il is inscribed in the framework of the celebration of the Semaine of the inclusion organized simultaneously in the eight member countries of UEMOA.

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