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LEAD 1-Microsoft Azure fragmentation is slow

January 30 (Reuters) – Microsoft released three-month results on Wednesday, in line with Wall Street expectations, slowing down its Azure cloud computing growth.

US profits exceeded more than a bit of estimates, but Microsoft lost 2% during the session after closing Wall Street. The degree ended the regular session at 3.34%.

Azure, the flagship of the group with Microsoft's focus on the cloud market, where Amazon is the world's largest, grows its growth to 76% in October-December. 98% and 76% ago already in July and September.

"Our strong businesswoman in the cloud reveals the dynamism of collaboration with the most important leaders in our sector, the leaders of each sector, including retail trade, financial services and health services," said CEO Satya Nadella. mentioned in a statement.

But the published results were clearly not enough to allow financial analysts to continue to reassure themselves, to see the dynamics of the cloud market.

"It's not a separate quarter," said Shannon Cross of Cross Research. "Exitly play" to delete the title of the session.

Microsoft's revenues were 12.3% and 32.47 million dollars (28.3 million euros) at the end of December quarter; Financial analysts have a forecast of 32.51 million dollars. IBES-Refinitiv data.

The group earned $ 8.42 million, or $ 1.08 per share, a loss of $ 6.30 million (82 cents / quota) a year earlier.

Private earnings were 1.10 points, a percentage above the consensus.

Professional software division ranks from 13% to 10,100 million dollars, including Office 365 and LinkedIn, two digit growths recorded. Wall Street was 10.09 million.

Individual computing division, Windows operating system, Xbox video game console, Surface tablets and Bing search engine, among others, showing the group according to the first billing. year-to-year growth of 7% was 13 million euros against the 13.07 million euro market forecast.

Vibhuti Sharma Bangalore;
Marc Angrand at the service of France

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