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Ligue des champions: AS Rome et Real Madrid: choc between leaders

Kinshasa – The teams where they were often battles the week-end in their respective championships.

Triple tenant du titre contends demi-finaliste du saison dernière, qualification et première place du groupe G de la Ligue des chhampions dans jeu, le tout devant 60,000 spectators: match AS Rome-Real Madrid de mardi is a paradoxale but affiche belle, who is opposed also by teammates piteusement battues ce week-end.

If you and in one, you'll be defeated by the duel at the Stade Olympique, you will be qualified for a final match for the 8th final. If it is imposed, the Real will be the same I assure of the premiere place du Groupe.

Difficulty in terms of penser that matches him with the help of the hard-earned, or most convalescent employees. You pourtant

Samedi, Real has been in a 3-0 match for Eibar, a modest Basque club who has devolved the league in 2014. Roma are on the home side of Udinese (1-0) , those who have been resting from six months to six defeats and a zero match.

"Demain, there are not any of the poor teams who are going to face themselves. Eagal weapons, if they do not believe that they are Real champions of Europe," says Roman coach Eusebio, Di Francesco.

The pedigree of Real Madrid is here to get the best news for those who are in the giallorosso club, 7th of Serie A and who combs more than the "small" ones, with the terrible balance of sept points that saison contre the six derniers du classement.

Au contraire, the club of the Italian capital has been well spent over the last few months, since he has won great results in the Ligue des champions, and has won a successful match against Chelsea (3-0) and Barcelona (3-0). last. A match of referees will be followed by the Celui de Mardi par le Français Clément Turpin.

Alors that the Roma cock is in the lead for saio depuis 2011-12 when Luis Enrique was in command, Di Francesco, who will be deprived of his best acteur joueur, Lorenzo Pellegrini, all the same trouver des solutions.

– Ramos sous surveillance –

She will be inspired by her homage by giving the match to Francesco Totti, who intends the "Hall of Fame" of the Roman club to take part in the premiere of the pelouse of the Olympic Games since they are the last match 28 May 2017.

Le "Roi de Rome" is disrespectful for 42 years, but some are sure to think more seriously about the world that will soon be able to do well for a moment when the attackers do not score.

Côté Real, who was imposed 3-0 in the end of September, at the same time as the round tour, which is pluthot the defenceless who inquisition, with 19 goals in 13 championship matches.

The seventh rejection of Samedi to Eibar also questioned "the effet Santiago Solari", the new coach, who had remaped his four pre-match matches after replacing Julen Lopetegui.

"The defeat against Eibar was a massive coup", reconnu le technicien argentin lundi in conférence de presse.

"Where I can now do a match that I made every day in Ligue des champions et être à la hauteur de notre histoire dans le compétition. C'est à la fois facile et difficile", a-t-l'ajouté.

When you are looking for a stabilizer, Solari remains deprived of Casemiro, not the most brilliant of the items at his disposal, but not easy to replace no plus.

He is also a composer with the debut of saison moyen of son capitaine Sergio Ramos, who is the last season in the "Football Leaks" for an abnormal doping control.

After joining Eibar, Ramos, at the same time, said Edin Dzeko's hommage, who was the only direct adverse adversary, but who is definitely incertain due to a muscular problem that lasts Monday to coaching.

South social network Reddit, the Bosnian avant-center explained that the Spaniard was "in search of the list of least-minded" affronting lors de sa carrière.


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