Tuesday , June 22 2021

Ligue des Champions: Ronaldo has since taken revenches

Pour débuts le 19 septembre sous le maillot de la Juventus en Ligue des Champions, "sa" compétition, le Portugais avait sans doute imaginé autre chose que carton rouge inattendu sur pelouse de Mestalla, pour un accrochage pas bien méchant avec Murillo.

After three hours of play, CR7 set the ground in larmes, leaving their teams improperly (2-0), they are absent.

They are magnificent but they have been playing Manchester United for three weeks and have been gambling because of the unlikely event of Red Devils, 2-1 losers, although the history of Ronaldo Turinois in the Ligue des Champions contends.

But more than just the fact that you can not miss the Spanish souvenir, what is the response of Ronaldo to the rumors by reporting hors-course for the Ballon d'Or who will be greeted on the morning in Turin, where the Juventus n'aura besoin than from a point pour atteindre 8e de final.

The Italian sporting press at the helm will ensure the last week that I chose from the prestigious prix individuel était formed by Mbappé, Modric et Varane, and in a clear way I understood what I thought of it classically. "Le Portugais replaces it with their habit, increasing the cost of training and surrendering to the terrain, to whom I ignore that the skins are broken," said Turines Tuttosport, traditionnel soutien of the Juventus.

But Corriere dello Sport, a Roman daily, has not been called "Cinq Ballons d'Or and an affront," Ronaldo, the fifth winner of the trophy, I was not able to take the podium since 2010 .

Encore Buteur Samedi

In response, the Portuguese has got the instantly content of a new but Samedi match the Spal – le 9e déjà in Serie A, plus five to fifty steps – from a photo sur Instagram presenting the coaching On the bottom of the golden skies you get a perplexed emoji in the guise of the Legend.

Alors who was starred at the prizes "Fifa / The Best" and "my best player of the UEFA year", the Juventus at the end of the season I commented on the rumor, comme pour ménager the susceptibility of the attacker .

"Cristiano does not go gagner le Ballon d'Or? I know you're laughing, but I've heard what I've done, what does it matter to you? ", I also estimated that I was Massimiliano Allegri's coach, who explained to him that Portugal had" made the levels of competitiveness attendees ".

Fabio Paratici, the sports director of the club, was a little more lonely, believing that the old Madrid was "peut-être le plus grand joueur de l'histoire du football".

"Cristiano scored fifteen goals from the last Ligue des Champions, where there were extra drivers and magnificent, new ones in savons that he chose," he added in regard to the fantasy bicyclette réussie for Ronaldo in the fourth quarter finale aller la saison dernière Turin sous le maillot merengue.

"I thought it was a matter of urgency that I did not receive the Ballon d'Or," concluded Paratici.

Pour 2018, c'est peut-être compromis. But more than 33 years ago, Ronaldo certainly did not take a surplus on the side.

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