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Liverpool: comments, reactions … Summary of the game

08:43 – PSG player notes

The players in Paris were expected to face the PSG, and they responded most of it. The notes of Equipe's diary are quite good comments. The technically remarkable Neymar (8) game and Thiago Silva (8) is very good. Kimpembe, Bernat and Verratti, each one in its registry, were very good authors (7). Marquinhos (6), Mbappé (5), and above all Cavani (4), were the bottom tone. Buffon (5), goalkeeper, did not do anything about Liverpool stifle.

08:38 – PSG – Liverpool: this time Paris has put a heart

It was a question before the game: did he go to Paris, often in opposition to the big European groups, compromise and collectivity wisely? Thanks to the question of the players of the day in Paris, the impression that the players of Paris had confirmed by the PSG coach Thomas Tuchel was unknown. "We played as a team, we thought of a lot of energy and we won an intense and important match … Everyone was prepared to suffer," said a post-match press conference.

18/11/18 – 23:24 – Paris did the right thing

Prior to this meeting, the PSG was likely to eliminate the last whistle to win the night against Liverpool. This is the importance of this shock and the pressure felt by the players of Paris before this conversation. The Parents will start the game at the right foot and take a good first 20 minutes, tactically, technically, in solidarity and commitment. Bernat determines this domination, in Naples, taking advantage of the defense of the Englishman, to defeat the right to deceive Alisson (1-0, 13). Half an hour later, Reds gradually acquired themselves, but were hired by Neymar, Mbappé and Cavani under the head. Brazil doubled in Alisson (2-0, 37), after a shot by Cavani. It's a good scene for the PSG … guilty of Angel Di Maria, uncontrolled by Sadio Mané on the edge of the Paris area. James Milner does not reduce the void gap (2-1, 45, and + 2). In the second half, Paris will gradually run on the surface and PSG will have an excellent result to achieve this. With this important success, the PSG is the second Pool C ahead of his opponent in the evening, but behind Napoli. On the last day, if Paris won in Belgrade, Paris will score 16 points. In any case, Naples does not win at Anfield, it will also be the first team in Paris.

11/28/18 – 23:16 – Summary of the game video

Paris Saint-Germain wins Liverpool (2-1) on Wednesday night at the Parc des Princes lawn on the fifth day of the Champions League. All that was played in the first half of this game. Find the video summary and the objectives of this meeting.

18/11/18 – 23:10 – Thiago Silva: "The game was incredible"

The PSG captain Thiago Silva was the best player tonight in the Park and was very pleased to finish the game, the RMC Sport microphone: "It was a bit annoying, but the most important thing is that today we played the team in a fantastic atmosphere, we worked hard to win this game, because we did not win at night. We were very happy with the victory, but it was a great game. We have to talk about work until things are done. Make it … It will be played in Belgrade, it's not easy, Liverpool has lost (0-2) and it is necessary to make the perfect match. The coach is fantastic. It has always been. Without leaving behind without security, the match was incredible, we attacked and defended, and I'm really happy with that game. "

18/11/18 – 23:03 – Paris will request the Belgrade title

Paris Saint-Germain did not win the Champions League last night, despite being successful at Redsen, at least avoided. In I Pool C, I spent two more points in Liverpool in Paris. Napoli will score more points in Paris against Belgrade (3-1). Everything will be played on the final day, where Paris should win in Belgrade if Liverpool won against Anfield against Naples. In this scenario, the Paris team will finish first.

11/28/18 – 22:56 – ⏰ END OF THE GAME! He won Paris (2-1)!

M. Marciniak delivered the last whistle whistle in Paris and Parc des Princes! The PSG maintains the opposite of Liverpool (2-1) and 16th qualifying qualification. Bernat (13th) and Neymar (37th) were in Paris, Milner was sentenced by Reds (45º + 2).

18/11/18 – 22:53 – Neymar receives yellow

Neymara wins the ball, and Mr Marcini picks up the yellow card. Paris must have a few seconds.

18/11/18 – 22:52 – Alisson moves forward

Neymar takes on his responsibilities and the shot is free, but his compatriot deflects the corner of a beautiful Alisson paradise. He played in Paris and Neymar won a free kick. Robertson gets a yellow card in this crash.

18/11/18 – 22:51 – Van Dijk booked

Virgil van Dijk scored a dangerous free kick 25 yards away, and Choupo-Moting receives a yellow card.

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