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Luc Besson has been accused of sexual assault

On Monday, February 26, the prosecutor of Paris has informed Luc Besson of a lawsuit without violations of the lawsuit.

However, the prosecution announced on the same day a new investigation into sexual assault directed by French filmmakers.

The investigations were ordered by the Judicial Police Office (DPJ) after a report received last week.

In fact, on Friday, February 22, a letter from a suspected victim, directed to the Parisian prosecutor, revealed in Mediapart's online news site.

Since 2002, data have been subject to prescription, but are under control.

According to a testimony to a victim, Luc Besson had to "immediately throw away" a professional appointment before trying to escape.

There was no rape on trial without a report by Sand Van Roy, a Belgian and Dutch actor.

He said he had five children at the palace in Paris, in Bristol.

The Paris Public Prosecutor's Office justified his decision that "they did not denounce the character of the offense in any component component".

Following this notification, Thierry Marembert, lawyer Luc Besson, said: "Luc Besson has warned the satisfaction of the decision of the Republican prosecutor," he adds before adding "comes to the conclusion of a very complete investigation … he has helped."

This new company has not stopped the growth of 15% of the eurozone, the studio created by the filmmaker.


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