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Macky Sall: do not forget too!

"It's the last sponsor of incompetent violence" (Isaac Asimov)

In our opinion, Macky Sall would have a mere denial of reality, as Emmanuel Kant's aphorism states, "the owner of power is inevitably corrupt."

Without risk, we can assert that President Macky Sall has denied or eliminated most of his commitments, that is, with the moral agreement signed with the people. In addition, Karim Wade has been tried, imprisoned and dismissed, has been prosecuted and has blocked Khalifa Sall. Likewise, in accordance with its instructions, the Constitutional Council decided to eliminate potential opposition candidates in February and March 2019. Today, "chestnut fire." However, with all events, people are always afraid of or respecting the institutions, or perhaps they have been silent to express their silences (???).

Macky Sall, as a result of his continued impulse and provocation, unwillingly thought that the political opposition would be composed of unlawful nihilists, willing to be ready in the field, agitation, and desert, in order to write the Republic. institutional instability Undoubtedly, a new presidential lease, which was "tezically renewing", was completely inadequate.

That way, all his gestures will be lazy, with the restless people and their bends, or convulsions, before the departure of the power of Mobutu Sese Sese (Zaire) or Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali (Tunisia), confirming our assertion. However, unlike Senegalese countries, Senegal seems to facilitate the pacifism that will be voted on in February and March this year.

While studying Macky Sall's presidential behavior or speculative analysis, we can say that his friendship, a risk level, and an approved organization. Because it is almost mechanically, it is a synonym of military violence, and ultimately "fire chestnuts" are the specific (implicit or explicit) goals of terrorism. In addition, Moy Mbaye Niang was not recognized as hiring large arms. It should be remembered, however, that it is a "consequence" of violence or terrorism; In addition, some of these binomials (such as violence and invalidity) often stand out.

We do not want Republicans, Democrats, and even legalists, and we do not seek the chaos of the Republic. Without a doubt, Macky Sall is the nation's leading representative from the inside and outside but does not have the Republic. However, we want his departure, suicide, without the least sediment, otherwise, the fear of the collapse of the Republic's base is dreaded. What does not suit anyone, because democracy is a complex reconstruction and rule of law. Examples of Libya, Iraq and Syria help us to think about how to fight against Macky Sall.

However, we respond to this question without yielding proportional reactions to its provocations. That is why we are championing and upholding a democratic campaign in the polls, which allows citizens to express their peace on February 24, 2019. In democracy, "violence" must be stated in surveys. And that is the case, even if the candidate does not have a dispute or a candidate, even the outgoing president, a problem that leaves no problem. Following us, he will get a straight call without a violent score, materializing, for example, with total voting difference, saying that he continues.

Along with the creation of "Sugar chestnuts", Macky Sall tries to terrorize people, to stop power and get militia or achieve. Often, the latest joy, in attempting to keep power, is always dangerous, especially silent, the majority of the population has decided to restore its destiny.

So we accept, the comparison is not correct, but, in comparison, there is also a reason. Nicolae Ceau? With Escu (with his Secure), or Jean-Claude Duvalier, "Baby Doc" (with Tontons Macoute), for example, all the examples to be taken into account are not underestimated. action options, or malfaisances skills, "fire chestnuts." The military militia continues, and the most damaging sense must be taken, the constitution in a civilized society, such as a police officer or an organized army, does not accept it in any way.

In which countries we have an official militia ("fire chestnuts") configured by the beneficiary or government party (APR). But, above all, the President of the Republic (Macky Sall), who will try to legitimize it. Although it has been called a "peaceful" mission, its creation is, however, essential, even illegal. And what should they say about the political opposition, the followers of Macky Sall, creating their own militias.

To conclude, let's not be naive, believe or think that this "big arm" is revealing and adhering. Historiography, as similar groups of the world show, is often prepared to fill the role of recruiting and preparing them, namely the kingdom of terrorism. In fact, we want to deceive ourselves, only with the intention of intimidating the political opposition, with the "fire chestnut" militia.

But, finally, as Jean-Paul Sartre said "violence is not a path to end between others, but the purpose of the alternative path is intentionally".


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