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Manchester City: forecast, composition, string … Prediction directly

Lyon - Manchester City: forecast, composition, channel ... Live pregame

MATCH LYON – MANCHESTER CITY 2018 – Lyon tonight night at Manchester City sits his title at night on the 16th. Time, TV channel, streaming, probably composite, statements … Follow live streaming news.

18:18 – There is a lot in the Country

Manchester City, Pep Guardiola have lost a lot, injured, especially in the middle, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva and Ilkay Gundogan are missing. So the young Phil Foden (18) should start tonight. "I liked having my team, but we're going to do it better," said Guardiola. "Phil Foden is ready, it's a lot stronger than before, and I see it again and again, I'm surprised." Manchester City's probable composition : Ederson – Walker, Stones, Laporte, Delph – D. Silva, Fernandinho, Foden – Sterling, Agüero, Mahrez.

18:10 – Probability against Lyon against Manchester City

If Nabil Fekir is a good service, Lyon will have to propose the team's composition with eleven tons from Manchester City. OL is based on Anthony Lopes for a positive outcome. "At midday, the derby was decisive, when we were in the game, it is very important and the defense and the team are very confident, said coach yesterday. A great anthologist wants to go." Lyon's probable composition : Lopes – Denayer, Marcelo, Morel – Rafael, Ndombele, Tousart, Aouar, Mendy – Fekir, Depay.

18:03 – Which result in Lyon tonight?

Before Lyon – Manchester City, OL data is very easy: it will be qualified tonight on the last day of this phase of pools, if they win the city. In the case of the draw, it could also be a link between Hoffenheim and Donetsk. In the case of bankruptcy, nothing will be lost, but everything will be played on the final day, with Donest – Lyon and Manchester City – with Hoffenheim matches.

17:56 – Update in Lyon – Manchester City

F in this team, four days later in the Manchester City classification. The England team is 9 points behind Lyon (6 points), Hoffenheim (3 points) and Shakhtar Donetsk (2 points). Among all of these teams it is still possible for the final two in the last 16 days.

17:50 – Manchester City opens a window against Lyon

Thanks to the Barcelona-based attack, in September, Manchester City headed the first shoot-up, coach Pep Guardiola recalled yesterday at the press conference: "When we lost the first game at home, the phase we won in three games and we were lucky to draw our opponents, we reacted and That was important. It's not easy to win three games away, but we'll try and finish the team first. "

17:45 – Guardiola (City Hall) of Lyon

Pep Guardiola, the coach of the citizens, returned yesterday in Lyon and Manchester City, who won the first lap: "Ol was better, they were the first time. Second place in the second half, OL was the whole game, and the Spanish coach also played for Bruno Genesio's starting eleven He said: "It's a quality team with a style like ours." Fekir is a world class player with Memphis and does not question them, they are very dangerous, the OL surprised me by Manchester, it's a good team … ) There is no magic solution, no approach is guaranteed, but I think it's our best to improve my work. My players believe that it will be necessary for me to continue tomorrow and it will be necessary to be a very good opponent, French clubs are very strong. With a cup ".

17:40 – Manchester City with Reunion Denayer (Lyon)

Jason Denayer, who is Lyon's defense tonight, is expected to take four years at the Manchester City contract. Although it is often borrowed, the Belgian player has not forgotten his passage to the Citizens. "I learned a lot from Manchester City, I had an experience," he said yesterday, giving his opinion before using the strategy: "We will put tactics in place to prevent cities from scoring, they are a potentially offensive potential, we will try to do something more, All the groups will have a small gap and we can make the most of them. "

17:37 – Does Fekir take Manchester City?

In the middle of Saint-Étienne, this weekend, Nabil Fekir is embarrassed for several weeks. The player said he was ready to go to Lyon-Manchester City, but Bruno Genesio had a flattering yesterday afternoon while being sure about his participation: "This is our captain, one of the most important players, but the team is essential to be 100%. We'll see it by feelings but I'm optimistic.

17:34 – Which predictions for Lyon – Manchester City?

In the first half (2-1 victory in OL 2), the outcome is surprising, given the new clashes between Lyon and Manchester City. The English victory is, on the other hand, online betting sites, ranging from 1.35 to 1.40, the result of 4.75 and 5.25 between zero and 6.50 and 6.50 in Lyon. 7.50.

17:31 – Genesio (Lyon) gives the Manchester city strength details

Asked about Lyon-Manchester tactics, Bruno Genesio explained: "70 percent of the 70s and 75s in general make things simpler, since they are attacked by definition and there are few difficulties because the team is very small, with a dense block It's a team that is very fast and very powerful with the balloon loss, which makes them scratch so they are not advertised and they do not have much to do with many goals … (surely we are based on the final match (West Ham victory 4-0 ) It may be disturbing, but I think it's the only way to make no mistake, if we were to defend ourselves against these teams, we are suffering from a moment, individual, goal, goal, and goal, especially in this game. is there. "

17:29 – Before Genesio Lyon – Manchester City: "With the intention of getting closer to the match"

Bruno Genesio, coach of OL, spoke at the Lyon-Manchester City press conference on Monday. "Man City is one of the best teams in Europe and it's three or four favorite winners The Champions League, he said. For us, they have overcome evil. We are going to connect this game with agility modesty, of course, but it's also a great ambition, I think it's definitely the only way to worry. Then in this game, we know it will be difficult, but we have already done so, so we believe in ourselves.

17:17 – Di Méco's analysis before Lyon – Manchester City

Eric Di Méco studied on the Progress columns, Monday, before Lyon – Manchester City. "The meeting must be different from the first leg," he said, and that afternoon I did not know Manchester City, and asked that he should not be exaggerated. But this does not limit the performance in Lyon. (…) The property will be faced by Ciudad and Lyon and will negotiate the best (…). OL is definitely a good vote on this chicken. it will not pressure to play. "However, the RMC adviser wants to forecast:" I did not send any more, but it was not enough for Manchester City to win the Champions League in the first half of the season. With this type of group, you can take lightning at any time and the two clubs do not have the same category box. But Lyon plays the card, that's right … (I hope). "It will be in the 16th round."

17:10 – Which channel to watch Lyon – Manchester City on TV?

RMC Sport is 1 channel and guarantees the passage of this match between Lyon and Manchester City tonight, 21 hours, on TV and streaming. Access to the registration is reserved for subscribers. Eric Di Méco, the first international defender, will mention in particular.

17:05 – The spectacular series of Manchester City

Before Lyon – Manchester City, the Citizens have won seven wins, scored 30 goals and scored 2 goals. The last team was held by the City Council in Liverpool on October 7 in the league, and is the final training session to win … Lyon, September 19, Champions League.

16:58 – Lyon plays the role of Manchester City in the Youth League's Twitter channel's Facebook page »World MUNDUA's RSS feeds's Twitter channel's Facebook page» The world

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Composition of OVA should be placed in the joints of the 3-5-2. Lyon's probable composition : Lopes – Denayer, Marcelo, Morel – Rafael, Ndombele, Tousart, Aouar, Mendy – Fekir, Depay. On the other hand, the citizens will remain confident with the four defenders. Manchester City's probable composition : Ederson – Walker, Stones, Laporte, Delph – D. Silva, Fernandinho, Foden – Sterling, Agüero, Mahrez.

Lyon-City is on the way to this meeting RMC Sport 1 Wednesday afternoon at 9:00 p.m. The new channel is available for paid access and only through a box (SFR and CanalSat). There will be a debate between the Champions League and other games at 22:00 hours.

To play Lyon – Manchester City to continue on the Web, go RMC Sport website. You can also live live on Linternaute. Go to this page for the best performances of the match, follow the progress of the score and then get to know the summary of the match.

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