Tuesday , March 21 2023

Mowali: The platform that matérialise the interoperability of money mobil


Le Groupe Orange et le groupe MTN, annoncent the creation of a joint venture called Mowali. He permits the interoperability of paiements in the ensemble of the continent. In effect, Mowali made possible transfer of funds between accounts of mobile money, in real time and in a small amount, which I used to be the operator. "Offering a total interoperability between the different platforms, Mowali is a significant step forward in allowing a mobile money to become a moyen of universal paiement in Africa. Accentuate financial inclusion using the digital technologies is an essential element for the economic development of Africa, particularly for the most isolated communities. This solution embodies Orange's ambition of being a major player in the digital transformation of the continent. In the new partnership with MTN, another leader of the African march, we are new to the change of auction point of exchange for our customers at the service of simple services, plus surprises and more advantageous », Stéphane Richard, PDG of Orange said in a statement stopping at our address.

Mowali is a platform that connects providers of financial services and clients within an exclusive network. Elle Fonctionne comme une société de services, serves as a mobile money dealer in Afrique, and includes banks, the transferent traders of argent and other providers of financial services. Mowali's objectif is to accelerate the use of mobile money services, from utilities and commerce. Mowali allows free flow of mobile money flow between accounts, which you pay and your operator.

"One of the MTN's goals is to accelerate the pétration des services financers mòbils in Afrique et Mowali is one of the most important atheists. For more information, coopération et les partenariats d'aquesta sorte sont primordiaux lorsque l'accès pour le développement et surmonter une partie des défis auxquels the société moderne is confronted in terms of dimension, courage and complexity. What partnership with Orange is an important time to affirm the notorious role in the reallocation of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, which is consistent with eliminating extreme poverty and strengthening the socio-economic development of the march in these new ones. I'm sorry that new customers offer us access to the world's most popular digital demo » To be demoted Rob Shuter, PDG du Groupe MTN.

Mowali benefits from the mobile customers of MTN and Orange customers, plus more than 100 million accounts in 22 of 46 marches in sub-Saharan Africa. Mowali is destined to allow the interoperability au-delà des marchés existing in MTN and Orange, in line with the beneficial 338 million customers of mobile money in Africa. Interoperability favors innovation in the ecosystem from Mobile finance services across the continent.

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