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Negotiation with the financial market regulator

elon musk

He has sued the American Stock Exchange Judge, and Elon Musk accused him of releasing Tesla's financial information without accepting his legal department.

Elon Musk It is free of e-mail, because it is a provocative in its statements. He again demonstrated Monday, February 25, that Tesla " About 500,000 vehicles In 2019, the manufacturer had detailed 360,000 and 400,000 vehicles according to the intended purpose.

Elon Musk prohibits the risks of being the head of his company

du Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) immediately announced that it intends to go to Elon Musk to sue for the agreement between two parties in September 2018.

du SEC Elon Musk in the courtroom in Manhattan very precisely what were the conditions of the trial "This procedure could be a CEO who is not authorized to run a company company.

The CEO of Tesla's CEO has already called up the SEC request last August to make his retirement from Nasdaq company a reflection.

Tesla CEO Prolongs to the SEK

The SEC believed that these Tesla stock price swings were not as good as they wanted. The owners of the announcement list do not have to vote, without submitting a concrete stock exchange plan.

Elon Musk negotiated agreement He was appointed president of the Tesla Board of Directors. He also had to respect more controlled communication, and he appreciated the difference tweets through the legal services of the builder and at a cost of $ 20 million.

One of the problems of American technology never made a secret for his contempt for the financial institution. " I have never respected He said on CBS channels in December 2018. Elon Musk appointed Larry Ellison, Managing Director of Oracle, to his friend, as independent director of Tesla.

Source: Bloomberg

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