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News summary 18/11/28

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Dolarra Jerome Powell commented that investors thought prudently the comments. The Fed president told the New York Economy Club yesterday that the interest rates were "neutral" and that they were still far from being in October. Powell, however, did not mention the slowdown of the economy or the hypothesis of the breakdown of the gross career path.

Libra fell against the euro Yesterday, after publishing a report from the Bank of England, the UK's exit agreement and no transition period, the 25% drop in the pound sterling and the end of the GDP would be 2023 more. 7.75% low10.5% compared to projections published in May 2016.

Yen This morning, after retail retail sales (+ 3.5% rose every year), it proposed an acceleration of Q4 growth.

Brent A 13-month decline dropped the price closed yesterday. Oil inventories rose tenth times in a row.

Today, the ECB's Financial Stability Report, the German Prezioenzio Prezioen Indizea, Theresa Mayen Hearing, the Parliament of Breitth Committee and the Fed Minute will be the principal. Daily events without forgetting the G20!


Fed. Jerome Powell was very careful that the interest rates announced that they had approached a "neutral" level, which was still far away. Powell, however, did not mention the slowdown of the economy or the hypothesis of the breakdown of the gross career path. Jerome Powell has pointed out the decline in the US financial system's weaknesses and quality loans to some US companies.

Brexit. According to the BOE, Brexit would have to bring a 25% drop in British Pound without an agreement and a transitional period, at the end of 2023 the GDP was 7.75% and 10.5% was projected in May 2016. The report indicates that the relationship is appreciated for a short period of 2 to 5 years.

EB / US. Donald Trump has imposed customs duties on US car imports to protect the US auto industry.

Trade War. The US administration said Wednesday that China did not have any "reform proposal" in business practices.

Japan. Retail sales growth was up 3.5% in October (YoY), the record for December 2017.

In Ukraine. Two Russian navy ships arrested by Azov ships in the Russian ships, the Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister said this morning.


Macroeconomic calendar on November 29 2018 from DailyFX

Macroeconomic Calendar November 29

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5 dates that could have frightened the stock markets

Since the beginning of November, the most important international market indexes, such as S & P 500, CAC 40 and Nikkei 225, have maintained medium-term technical support for day-to-day rally scenarios.

Oil prices plummet the downsizing of the new replenishment, the price of natural gas jumps

Oil prices have been confirmed on Wednesday afternoon, according to the report on Renewable Energy (DOT), which increased recycling of crude oil last week. For the tenth consecutive time, oil sales have increased and this was the fourth consecutive time (+ 3,577 Mb vs 0.769Mb).

EUR / USD – DXY: Dollar reinforces Jerome Powell's speech

The rise in rates of 259 bps or more is likely to increase from 48% to 37% in December of 2019 in a month. The main reason for the expectations of the agents is to increase the speed of Fed, just like the early economists planned at the beginning of the year.

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