Saturday , October 24 2020

Nigeria: Shell was kidnapped by two workers and killed by two police officers

Two Anglo-Dutch oil company workers Shell The armed people unidentified in the south of the South of Nigeria were identified. The attackers were kidnapped by the workers of this structure, and two police officers attacked the attacks. According to the French press agency of the Regional Police, two elements of defense and security forces were killed in the Rumuji district, operating by miners from Shell. From Port Harcourt

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Shell Petroleum Development of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) will regret retaliation from the Rush State (Rivers State) and government security schools on Friday on the western road. April 2019 at 4:00 pm » The spokesman of the company is one of the largest multinational companies. The police authorities calm down the provisions for split up.

"We are trying to guarantee the release of abductees" shows Omoni NnamdiRivers state police chief. On Saturday, similar cases not mentioned by our colleague's press agency, microphone, were recorded earlier. Plagiarians often demand an exception for the detainees.

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