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Nouvelle lettre de l'oposició au minister Aly Ngouille Ndiaye

Front démocratique et social de Résistance Nationale (FRN)

Dakar, on November 26, 2018

Monsieur Aly Ngouille Ndiaye

Minister of the Interior


Object : access to the electronic fichier

Monsieur le Ministre,

Suite à votre lettre inviting FRN member parties to submit to the DAF for the control and examination of the electoral file, from plenipotentiaries if they were being held on November 22, 2018. Following, at his great surprise, comme seul moyen d Access to the electronic book, I proposed a standard screening for searches of electrons on the basis of critères figes (N ° électeur, names, name, region, department, district, commune, place of vote, NIN ).

Or new aircraft mandated the experts for another mission, which confers the political parties, which means "control the tenu du fichier général des électeurs". New pensions that you will be able to receive from the experts that you have selected for the audit that you would have been prepared and who had already financed, at your request, for the Union Européenne. New releases, in particular, have new account of the reliability of the file on the basis of requests and combinations of requests that new freely configured versions, I would like to inform you that the file was not permissible for electronic fraud.

Take a look, from daybreak, to no understanding of article L48 of the electoral loi. The parties give the beneficiary the free access to the previous year 2000, between the years 2000 and 2012, and the main features of the DAF by the attester.

When new grandparents have asked questions about the lack of freedom to define us, we ask for the question of interrogation of the electoral file, the Director of the DAF, South Place, new to making it clear that, since now, non-electoral subsidies have been granted new and unreasonable changes having access I have mentioned the number of the identity card of the ECOWAS and the signature des électeurs. Ces données ne not from données du fichier électoral but from données de la carte d'identité.

Pour évitive toute équivoque, new permettons, utility fine, rappeler, at the same time, loi et règlement.

The electoral law stipulates in Article 53 "The Biometric Identity Card CEDEAO fait office of the electron carte". From now on, you are new, and it is not possible to know artificially the contents of the carte d'électeur et celles de la carte CEDEAO.

Le décret 2016-1536 bringing application of the law by instituting the biometric card CEDEAO explains, in their first article, that letter stops behave:

  • On the right, among others, the CEDEAO letter number, the first names, name, date and place of birth, sex, date of death, date of expiration, address of the domicile, registration center, signature
  • au verso
  • for the electors: No. electeur, region, department, district, commune, place of vote, bureau of vote, NIN
  • for non-electors: the mention «ne peut pas voter», le NIN

Pour nous, if you have been notified, please fill out the auctioned letters of the CEDEAO Charter, which will be accessible to you in the application box, so it will not be possible to consulate the names and names of the electors, who I would be absurd.

In addition to the audit report mentioned above, the constituent elements of the deliberate electronic file you tested (paragraph 6) are the number of the reader, the NIN, the number of the CEDEAO identity card, the first names, name, Genre, date of birth, etc., whoever is ambiguous about the interprotection of photographs and the electronic order.

New demands, in spite of everything, Monsieur le Ministre, respects the notre droit d'inspecter le fichier général des électères as set out in article L48 of the law that brings electoral code.

In counting on your acquaintance, you are new to prion, Monsieur le Ministre, the expression of notre haute et patriotique consideration.

Pour les partis du FRN


President of the Electoral Commission,

Secretary General Adjoint National PDS


  • Union Européenne

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