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Petroleum: Russie sat for a bucket to 60 dollars, said Poutine

A 60-year-old petroleum bollard, "Satisfactoryly Satisfied" by Russia, will be announced on Wednesday afternoon, Vladimir Poutine, acting on behalf of Saudi Arabia in cooperation between Russia and the Peoples of the Opep.

He urges the petroleum to "chuté, then I grew up again, but to my grandmother (a price) around 60 dollars is acceptable, new sources fully satisfied", I will decline, soulignant that budget russe avait I was banked at a barrel bank of 40 dollars.

Pris in the middle of a production bond with some great products and the cost of a premium, the cours du Pétrole, which culminated owed early next month at a higher level since four years, ahead of a chuter of about 30% .

Le baril de Brent went to 59.6 dollars Friday versus 14:30 GMT.

Mi-novembre, président russe was quoted as saying by a barrel au prix alors bien plus plus of 70 dollars per barrel.

Russia has co-opted for the last few years with the Organization for the Payment of Petroleum Exporters (Opep), but it is not the member of the Saudi Arabia that is the chef of the file, to offer it to the limiter, who will allow a rebond prix after the collapse of 2014-2015.

"New planes trapped with the countries of OPEC (…) to make the offer available and demand it. For the first time in the history of this organization, new aircraft will take 100%, all of them agreements that were my best in practice, who has ever been the case in the elle-même organization, "Vladimir Putin said.

"This is largely to the position of the Saudi Arabie. That is essentially a merit of the Saudi Arabian and the prince, and was the initiator. I've been driving the positive results," he said. at-il clarify

Alors that Arabie Saoudite, chef de file from members of the Opep, militaire des coupes afin de faire remonter les prix, "Trump tente de ajouter de pression" pour poursuivre leur baisse, selon les ActivTrades analysts.

L'Opep et ses partenaires, not from Russia, will reunite the week ahead of Vienne to decide on its future level of production.

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