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Emiliano Sala: Plans found in Surtainville

SALA – Emiliano Sala's wreckage was discovered on the French beaches of Surtainville in Guernsey, while private search operations are still under way. Latest news live.

16:02 – Two research teams will work together

David Mearns, coordinator of the search for private search of Emiliano Sala's aircraft, has investigated the tWitter account for the discovery of rubble and the re-launch of the AAAIB research investigation: "Private funded research Emiliano Sala, boardroom family agreement, AAIB research efforts It will coordinate them and the two ships will work together to ensure that the designated area is safely, completely and efficiently. "

15:57 – After full discovery of the AAIB's discovery of Emiliano Sala's waste tests

Here is the press release AAI on Wednesday, January 30, at 2:50 p.m.: "We opened our security research on Tuesday, March 23, we gathered evidence, such as theft records, airplanes, and collaborations with international authorities, families On Monday, January 28, the Office of Research and Analysis (BEA) informed us that a seat cushion was found on the beach of Surtainville on the Cotentin Peninsula. A second cushion was found the same day of the same area later. Based on previous studies, the cushions are likely to come from the missing aircraft. Since we were aware of the disappearance of the aircraft, we analyzed the underwater searches of aircraft sinking. Based on a detailed assessment of the flight path and the latest radar position, we have identified a priority search area of ​​about four thousand square kilometers now. Through the SALMO (Rescue and Marine Operations) project, through the Ministry of Defense, we have requested a specialized controlling vessel to conduct a survey and identifying and identifying a seabed survey on board an aircraft. Due to the weather and the sea, we are expecting today The seabed will begin at the end of the weekend and lasts for three days. Side scan sonar equipment will be used to wreck searched in the seabed. If the waste is found, a remote vehicle operator (ROV) will be used to study disaster. We know that we do private research in the private field and maximize the opportunities for positioning the estuaries and ensuring safety in research. Our mandate is to establish the cause of accidents for the investigation of security. We do not give any mistake or responsibility. "

15:42 – Where is the city of Surtainville, the discovery site of waste?

The AAIB indicates that Emiliano Sala's plane probably found the remains of the seats in Surtainville, France. In the department of the department of Manche, in the Normandy region, about 75 kilometers from the sea, from Guernsey, and a few days ago it was part of the Emiliano Sala family.

15:26 – Room: AAIB conducts its research

These two Emulsions, Emiliano Sala, AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch, UK air traffic investigator) after discovering the two cushions found in the air carrier AAIB. He began his own research with the Sala family to "maximize" the possibility of finding other waste.

15:21 – AAIB disclaimer aircraft wastes

AFP refers to the November Infrastructures Research (#AAIB), which explains: "After previous studies, the cushions are likely to come in the plane", it is clear that Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson were the riders.

15:15 – Aircrafts were discovered in Surtainville

Daily Mail has warned the AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch): "On Monday, January 28, the French authorities responsible for security research informed us that a seat was found in Surainville, Cotentin Peninsula, a second cushion was found in the same area A day later, after a preliminary examination, it is possible that the cushions come from the missing planes ". They are a priori debris from the Emiliano Sala plan.

15:10 – Room and pilot search operations have been restarted

The group said the British authorities announced on Wednesday that Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson would rescue the plane against Normandy, "probably" Emiliano Sala was flying on Monday, January 21.

15:02 – Deba probably was found on the plane of the room

Agence France Press has recently said that a waste of an airplane was found on French beaches, and probably Emiliano Sala was going by plane. More information to follow.

14:39 – Guernsey pays homage to the rescue work

The Interior Minister of Guernsey talked this morning about the disappearance of Emiliano Sala's plane and the following investigations: "I would like to offer my deepest happiness to my family. Imagine the depth and depth of the pilot's friends and passengers (…) Emergency service workers and in some regions We would like to thank the other Guernsey and Alderney Coast Guard Police, Channel Island Air Search (to find the location of the aircraft and the people's aircraft) (…) in particular, to work hard to cope with this incident , which attracted a lot of interest from international media, although it did not appear to be the end result, initially, the rescue team reacted in a great way (…) It's a difficult and dreary time. I'm really grateful that today, trying to meet two friends with the plane all tribute to all ".

14:10 – The tribute to the Sala Nantes is also broadcast through the FC Nantes website

FC Nantes points out on his website tonight a tribute to Emiliano Sala Beaujoire's Saint-Étienne match. "Canal + FC Nantes and AS Saint-Etienne broadcast directly 10 games of the first night of the night, to watch the pre-match match and to see the beginning of this sign", said the statement.

1:40 PM – Is Emiliano Sala paying tribute to a stadium?

There will be plenty of fans of FC Nantes in the club, for homage to Emiliano Sala, against Saint-Étienne against La Beaujoire. This afternoon this Wednesday, 5,000 seats still had not been found. 30,000 people must be in common at this time.

13:23 – Emiliano Sala sings tributes on the Internet

Apart from the traditional songs of the hostel, an e-mail, part of La Beaujoire, dedicated to Emiliano Sala, has been published in recent days by Internet users of Nantes. This is especially the case Dylan Lapassade and Sébstien Faugier on YouTube.

12:59 – Meet Beaujoire members of the Sala team tonight

La Beaujoire stadium is expected tonight to pay homage to Emily Sala Nantes-Saint-Etienne. In addition to the anonymity, the Argentinian players warned the trip. Here, for example, the advocate Koffi Djidji wrote on Twitter today: "The" Jaja "really landed last night in your tribute, thanks to Turin, especially since the coach gave me today."

12:26 – Saint Etienne pays homage to Emiliano Sala

ASSE, who will meet tonight at Beaujoire in Nantes, communicated in the morning a message of compassion to his Twitter account:

11:57 – Where is Emiliano Sala and the airplane rider?

Recall that the search operations of Emiliano Sala and the rioting of the Guernsey police were suspended on Saturday, thanks to the strength of the Argentine footballer's resumption on the Sabbath, an online and private startup was launched. The latter was instructed to the oceanographer David Mearns, accustomed to Ur Blue Water Recoveries for this type of mission. Like the British authorities, last week, Mearns and his team have a lot of challenges, including the search site. We have to face too complex weather. After airing and flying surveys, David Mearns is undergoing underwater searches through a specialized boat, which was ejected from Southampton and expected to work on Sunday. The weather conditions will be better.

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