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Polestar 2: electric bass under the bell, all "vegan" cockpit

Polestar, Volvo's high-performance electrical subsidiary, presented a second production model at the Swedish-based factory headquarters in Gothenburg. Polestar is a five-door electric five-door electrical, pragmatic and family oriented customer with Polestar 1 sports hybrid coupons.

This cyclist Polestar 2 maintains sports items at a high altitude elevation loan.

Volvo generates this genre mix with Polestar 2 forces to achieve its mission, competing with Tesla Model 3.

Zero emissions, zero leather cars

The buyer of electric cars is aimed at customers with minimal environmental concerns. Volvo has found it useful to equip a car with a vegan imitation leather cut cabin. "We have designed standard home-made vegetables with advanced textiles," said Polestar Design's chief, Maximilian Missoni.

This eliminates skins and protects the planet from large scale livestock fluctuations, but presumably manufactures synthetic and plastic fabrics per cent according to Chinese environmental standards.

The panoramic roof of glass allows you to see the sky.

Environmental (and sports) motivations

Buyers of electric cars can also motivate the acceleration of this type of vehicle. Polestar Made in China will be a 408-hp engine that will develop a 487 lb-ft torque, for 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds, Volvo will commit. Emotional applicants may require Performance Brembo braking, Öhlins absorbent and 20-inch wheels.

Volvo does not quantify the price of sports option price, however, the price of Common Polestar is $ 2,000 to $ 63,000, or $ 83,000 (before taxes and government grants).

The battery of 78 kWh is 500 km, depending on the European cycle (440 km, depending on the American cycle). Volvo is planning to produce a cheaper version of a smaller battery.

The Swedish-based Volvo Car Group is a Chinese manufacturer, Geely.

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