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Premier League – Chelsea has the highest scores of Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal

In the 28th edition of the PL against Chelsea against Tottenham, as well as Liverpool and Arsenal rivers.

For a few months to play against the best teams in the championship, Chelsea woke up against Tottenham on Wednesday. In front of a direct competitor, Blues achieved a very good performance and achieved an important and energetic victory.

In front of Stamford Bridge, Kepa goalkeeper, punished by Maurizio Sarri, has been neutralized by Blues by shaking only 90 minutes of recovery. Winks at the post was struck. And, face to face, they showed how light the light showed the patients.

Except for the Frenchman except for a party, except Lloris

In the minute 57 and Pedro's feet came out. The Spaniards benefitted from this, they signed a magnificent invasion in the field and made a clear shot on the ground. At the end of the game, the locals added a second. Or, more specifically, the visitors who were alone with Kieran Trippier, self-centered, could not defend the goalkeeper with goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

This victory is not enough to find Chelsea Top 4. But at least Hazard and others do not quit and stop facing missteps of the future.

Among these teams is Manchester United. The PSG rival confirmed the good league championship. Although he dwindled several absences, Devils Gorria Crystal Palace was unlucky. Romelu Lukaku scored twice, while Paul Pogba scored a goal. Winning, MU holds the 4th place in front of Arsenal.

Gunners played against Bournemouth at home. In contrast to the obsolete cherries, Unai Emery is fully protected. They found the way of opposing networks five times, confirming the renewed form. Laurent Koscielny and Alexandre Lacazette scored a goal, but the player was Henrikh Mkhitarya. Armenia made three decisive moves (one goal and two support).

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Liverpool is in front of the city

As for Arsenal, Liverpool also scored five goals at night. After a frustrated draw against Manchester United Sunday, Reds atomized at Watford home. From the beginning to the end they were irresistible, like Virigil Van Dijk. The Dutchman did not work. There was also a double increase in registration. First red jersey underneath. His teammate Sadio Mané also got twice, and suddenly Divock Origi won the second goal of the season.

Won, leading Liverpool leader in the ranking before Manchester City. Eastlands had difficulty overcoming West Ham. Former coaches Manuel Pellegrini won the smallest margin and a penalty made by Sergio Agüero. The winner of the hair, but the champion's champion is important.

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