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PRESIDENT – The president of the start sets up his team: SALL DIRECTOIRE – Transhumante, says: "Do not listen to insulations that fail"

The engagement candidate has not finished his assignment. Yesterday, in the installation of Mermoz's new headquarters directory, Macky Salle continued negotiations with others. The Allies did not listen to any desire.

After the presidential move, Aïssata Tall Sall, Macky Sall yesterday revealed negotiations to bring about other anti-regime attacks. The leader Dare the Future was in the installation of the external management campaign, such as Tanor, Niasse, Jean Paul Dias and other allies. The event was a forum for the defense of transhumance. "We need to encourage all those who want to work for the future in Senegal, to establish their stability, to listen to insults that fail, to hear insults." It's been transposed! "There's no transhumance That's what the chosen and reasoned choice of the candidate is: right-hand man right now, "said boss Benno Bokk Yaakaar. Together with him, Modou Diagne Fada, Abdoulaye Baldé, Ousmane Ngom, and others "made the selection of the reason for the love of Senegal". After Benno Bokk Yaakaar says that he gains power, Macky Salle made it clear that "everyone strengthens the polka dot bag, the mood of experience and maturity, a patriotic commitment, encounters, temptations, determination and modesty, gives a message of hope." According to him, the transhumant comes from being "a republican, responsible and patriotic opposition".

"The campaign is a fight: we get the plans, we need to know how to give it"
The goal of the big coalition, says Macky Salle, continues in the first round of the afternoon of 24 February. However, his supporters did not rest in his laurels. At this time, a message was sent to social network followers. "In the field, it's a fight: we get plans, but we must know how to give it a place in the context of the Republican fight. There is no silence. But it is necessary to be able to destroy false innovations today," he exhorted. In recent days, government officials have installed Bby's election boards. In April, he calls "flexibility" and "neglect". "We do not suffer discipline, the fraction of actions to set up the election boards," he warns.
He also warned that the country wanted to "weak". He threatens to find out about the C25 encounters with the opposite opposition. "We preach peace and work to lay it down. Those who have chosen the path of violence will suffer the consequences of their actions," he added. For this reason, according to Macky Sall's board of directors, it must be remembered that a cabinet, a communication center, a support center for movement, a mobilization and sponsorship unit, a diaspora center and a legal center is a bank. women's center, youth center, management of programs and programs, coordination of electoral operations, among others. As regards the candidate's program, it focuses on five main national initiatives. PSE is: 2035 young people, PSE: social and solidarity economy, PSE: inclusive digital society, green PES or sustainable reinvigoration of the NPT and PES: industrial industrialization.

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