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PSG-Liverpool: match notes

Earn Liverpool or Championship stage in the humiliation of a qualifying round. The proposal of the Saint-Germain players in Paris was a challenge on Wednesday night. Liverpool won the first lap when Thomas Tuchel's men were expected. By shaking Reds, the German coach chose an optimistic and amazing start-up composition, Di Maria with the left A 4-4-2 and Neymar left, and Mbappé-Cavani double in the tip. He started off in Paris, first place in the Di Maria and Mbappé. After a solid move on the left side of the group, Di Maria offered a half-shot to calm Alissoni (6th). Paris made a good start, despite a high and effective pressure, but it must have been a blame against Liverpool. Marquinhos was extremis watching before Salah (9th), it only went to the goal.

PSG would reward its first efforts when the score was signed … Juan Bernat. Already, the Napoli striker, on the left, Van Dijk returns to the center of Mbappé and throws his ball into his right foot with a bit of luck, Alisson (1-0, 13). In conclusion, the capital club showed a character that did not suspect this season, just like a jump from Thiago Silva. But it was necessary to avoid excessive excitement, preventing the dangerous ball from Kimpembe, trying to avoid its surface and revival, as a result of a non-signed set by Salah (22). The rhythm dropped a little bit in Paris, for the less so Reds could not play. PSG was once more dangerous on the ball, Neymar on the left. The Frenchman was trying to serve Cavani in his home, but Alisson (33 & # 39;). During the break, the PSG threatened to act quickly and quickly. In order to recover the ball, after signing Marquinhos, Neymar launched Mbappé. The same model stumbled upon the French Cavani Alisson, but the ball went Neymar just finished (2-0, 37)! Jumping was made, only 8 minutes. He started running all the time, Mané stopped impatiently from Di Maria, the creator of a fool as dangerous. After naming the corner point, the referee was delighted by his helpers and Milner (2-1, 40 + 1e) was sentenced.

Second part under stress

At times, PSG thought ahead of both goals, but Marquinhos sent out to Neym when he took a free kick. However, the intention of the Liverpool game was improved, the resting goal was revived. Mané was one of the biggest threats, dribble downhill, and Kehrer and Silva were monopolized, a spectacular attack tonight. Paris could not put the ball to the ball, pressing Reds and systematically searching for the depth without success. And they defend themselves in danger, with the border with Kimpembe frequently. At that time PSG did not have an hour before. Like that sequence of surrealism, while Neymar took over a walkway to the audience, he suddenly finished …

The PSG-led piece had to be confident. Marquinhos has risen to a corner by Neymar, but Alisson has a great rebound (70). Jürgen Klopp, Reds coach, Keita and Sturridge set off, Tuchele released Cavani and Di Maria for Choupo-Moting and Dani Alves. Brazil has had an impact on the sector of the PSG over the Duel during the Duel. Entrees were good, but Paris was too much. Neymar was looking for a penalty kick in. Van Dijk (81), Mbappé again missed the goal, after a good start Dani Alves (83), the end of two breaths was the end of the game that threatened to keep Reds up. Bernat made a foul kick (post 86). Should it be paid in Paris? A 5-minute extra time was managed by the Capital club. Who has achieved his survival mission? The second is with his team, 8 points, 1 Napoli, who won against Red Star in Belgrade before the final game of Serbia.

Matchmaker: Thiago Silva (8): the first time of determination. We've seen it all in every area, even though it is very high, playing the opposite feet. Those who were missing out on that era at that time had the power of communication. Aerial game time was also great for washing balloons. In the second half, he did not go down in second place, facing 30 meters in Liverpool against opponents. A Boss game.


- Buffon (6): the first time a very quiet, with minimal stops. He pushed the eighth match short, although his defense was in a delicate situation. Milner's penalty kick is wrong. In the second half of the year, he had no much more order, he was a patron saint and he was very serene.

- Kehrer (6.5): Miller was missing out on the right room. It was more aggressive than the Belgian, since it was the only real rise in the first period. Mané's milk was seen on fire and before being punished for his action, the Senegald took it very well. The second request for the second time could be answered. A good German international match, a versatility pronounced.

- Silva (8): read on top

- Kimpembe (5): All the spectators of the Parc des Princes were silent on taking up huge risks at the resurrection. In his defense, sometimes he was in a bad state in the footsteps of the team and had no chance. After losing heat from Salah and Mané, he was not ashamed and washed, sometimes punched. In the duels, the Liverpool striker managed to speed up and escape. A little better the second time, but it is dangerous.

- Bernat (7): The players of the Spanish left have no doubt like the Champions League matches. Previously, the striker of Naples faced, unfortunately, the right foot. It was at that moment on the front, that is, putting his credits. And in defense, he has done well against Salah, not dangerous. Excellent match

- Marquinhos (7): A defender of the middle or third axial, the Brazilian shared two positions tonight. With the ball, Thiago Silva and Kimpember entered the Reds third to offer an additional offensive. Without the ball, Vergrafia was confronted with the opposite of the hand. We have seen it in the duels, for less use of the ball. In the second half, however, his determination was good, where he kept some vicissitudes of his surroundings. The author of a great corner for the corner of Alisson.

- Photos (5.5): The sparkling champagne of the game, where his shots and his orientation set the pace. Leaning only in the center of the left, he complicated the situation that complicated his technique. But Reds blocked it gradually and lost its influence. Gomez was guilty of a great mistake that could have been worth a red card. Much less after the break, it was probably the first time that the yellow card picked up, but it was very useful in the game.

- Di Maria (4): One hour after the first quarter, then many more. On the right, it was not used among relays by its members. He then rezoned without success. But, above all, he was guilty of traffic in Mané. The second time invisible was also logically replaced Dani Alves Minute 65 Substituted for Brazil on the right side. And his influence led to more duel and defense aid.

- Neymar (6.5): Located on the left lane, the fast racer accelerated and appeared ready to get a great game. In these circumstances it was a good result in the heart of the game. He combined Mbappé well into the habit and space he effectively started his teammate. The second score in Paris is very pleased. He replaced the second part to support Mbappé, but French still sought but was not compromised.

- Mbapped (4.5): Despite the contribution of two goals in Paris, a temporary total disappointment to the lower centers of Cavani. He pushed the collective opportunity, initially in the game, he lost two strikes, one crushed and one soft. He felt more comfortable technically and, above all, the surface was not enough to die. It was not nearly the second half, its dribbling waste and, above all, its slowdown in its transmissions. At the end of the party, he lost a new break in Dani Alves's good service. He's really working on a new step. Replaced Adrien Rabiot Minute 85

- Cavani (4): Fight and pressure, as always. The game is very small, as often. Uruguayans have always been on the surface so that Mbappe can endure temptations. He achieved two goals and in the second he played the real role played by Alisson. The rest was very uncomfortable in his discounts, even though the ball was good. In the minute 65, he replaced Choupo-MotingLocated on the left, allowing the occupation of Neymar and Mbappé axis. He did not find much on his wing, especially trying to block his corridor.


- Alisson (6.5): Brazil's goalkeeper quickly won the first match, Bernat (1-0, 13) and Neymar (2-0, 37). However, he saved several (7, 12, 31, 90 and + 1), including the capital against Marquinhos (70). He did not do anything with frustration that he accepted with his two goals.

- Gómez (4): England's defender, Alexander Trent instead of Alexander-Arnold, was a blame for Bernat's elimination point since Bernat's control (1-0, 13). He was in second place with Neymar (2-0, 37.) in the first leg, and in Brazil (34) was missing. In the second half, the attack in Paris always left.

- Lovren (4): The Croatian advocate attacked the first attacks on Paris. Kehrer (9th) started to play strong, but his position was in the second goal of PSG (2-0, 37). Neymar and Mbappé made it particularly difficult.

- Van Dijk (5.5): The Belgian national team did not play the game, and Bernat scored the score (1-0, 13). Then he spoke his strength and spoke to the man on the ground. In particular, he made good interventions in the second half

- Robertson (6): Left to the left of Scotland has been the heartfelt heart of the first half. After saying that Maria was very dangerous, Neymar could not make any difficulty in the second goal in Paris (2-0, 37). After returning to the locker room, Paris (50) made a perfect intervention against Mbappe (No. 84) before saving. She also tried to please her.

- Henderson (4.5): The Liverpool captain found little discovery and was able to find himself in the right position. In the second half, Liverpool may play bigger and higher. He often found himself in the heart of the game, without success with Verratti and Marquinhos.

- Wijnaldum (4): Reds was the first time in the middle of the game, just a few balloons countered the tooth against the tooth. Neymar (17) missed out on the yellow card and made many bad choices. Replaces Keita (number 65)He added a little bit of bread to his actions.

- Milner (5): Reds's 7th number missed a start at the start of the match, with strikers in Paris against backs. However, he reduced the score in penalties (2-1, 45 and + 1). In the second half, he tried to attack the Reds phase. In place of Shaqiri (p.77), In Liverpool's few shares it would bring a surplus amount.

- Mané (5): Senegal's striker was not seen in the first half, Di Maria (45. In the second half, he wanted a serious problem on the part of King Kehrer tonight, but Reds, meanwhile, overtook his actions.

- Firmino (4): The Brazilian striker was in solitude the first time, he did not know how dangerous. In the second half, Robertson took center stage (59). A very complicated match for the Brazilian striker Reputed by Sturridge (71)which is not dangerous.

- Salah (4.5): At the start of the match, they found little, the Egyptian missed the first shot (22nd). He cut the long ball of Henderson without success (44). In the second half, he tried to accelerate more than the attackers. However, Buffon did not endanger it.

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