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PSG – PSG: Dugarry is a cash, PSG future is under Neymar

The weekend package fought against Neymar in Paris against Saint-Germain in the 14th Liga Ligue 1. In the decisive match against Liverpool, against the league champion, Brazilian is expected. It must be said that the future of Europe is dependent on him, according to Christophe Dugarry, in the opinion of Kylian Mbappé, the Red Cross defense at Parc des Princes.

"The match against Tolosa was deadly, it's quite understandable, but this game gives lessons again, it's better to be Neymar, without Neymar, it's not the same, then it has the keys to the trick, I prefer 50% Neymar, who invests, who is trying to make the effort, play one's own, take 100% Neymar, but see who is. Whoever has the key, when you see this deal with Mbappé, Neymar and Mbappé is the other. If Neymar is good, Mbappé will be good too, because there is a connection between those who promote themselves, the two " Christophe Dugarry warned of RMC Sport. Now, more is expected that the strikers of Paris could not be affected by the thighs of Liverpool in the thigh and shoulders.

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