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Results of WWE RAW November 26, 2018

RAWzumé on November 26

WWE RAW Milwaukee, Wiscounsin

The commentators are Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young.

– The show by WWE RAW starts with Cole who knows the good news again. Where he retreats Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush sur le ring. Corbin said that he was very happy with the Grace Action. Purée de pomme de terre, tarte citrouille and other calories. Eux ils no besoin de ça pour garder leur corps à la meilleure forme. I'm still waiting for new advice for what's being acknowledged. He is currently browsing for General Manager. Lashley said that this is being shown to those who, losing their time in the south, will blow the sofa on it, hanging on it, to take the place. McIntyre said that he is currently reporting to the ragla dont il donn a Braun Strowman. Corbin said that I am a moment who is going to drink. On the spot of a Monday video, I'll give you the clan Corbin attaque Braun Strowman, resume the show. Corbin said that he added plus Strowman hanging a long long long moment to RAW.

Corbin said that he was sending a video game to the hospital so he proposed to Strowman ahead of the show. Here's a video of plus-tue today. Strowman said that they will attend at Alabama's opulence. Who is Milwaukee's going to get revenge? I'm telling you how it will be on the corner for a moment, but he was already trained by a big blacksmith. I do not know why I do not. Strowman said that he will be back in 100% and his blessing will be a coupure of paper to compare to what Corbin, Lashley and McInytre will be. Trois vont av ses ses mains! From retour sur le ring, Corbin said that it was impossible for Strowman to be free to give him medicine for TLC. C'est un bonne chose, le combat resté et il va gagner par forfait à TLC pour devenir the General Manager permanent. What's the point for the Superstars of choisir are côté et mettre avec contre lui. New maples are rated at TLC.

The lumières ferment. Corbin asks to hear the lights or something will not go away! Elias is on the scene and said that he made the tour of the world and a troupe suit you everywhere. But for a reason, Lashley, Corbin and McIntyre do not understand anything but the WWE means Marcher Avec Elias (Walk With Elias). Elijah said that I could not imagine something that he chose to have to see permanent Corbin GM. Même Lio Rush will be my best friend. Même Drake Maverick who sits above me. Il aimerait parler by Bobby Ordure (Trashley) with the chanson now. Elijah chants that if he feels, I would like to ask him if he was the boss Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley is nil, it's nil, it's nil, where I understand him, Lashley is nil.

– From retour suite to pause, combat combat begins.

– Singles Match

Bobby Lashley I accompanied Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Lio Rush vs Elias

At the end of the match, Elias couvre Lashley for the victory, but Lio Rush pulled the referee in the ring to give him an account! The arbiter arrête le combat for disqualification. Corbin prend le micro et dit that he had forgotten to say that I have a No Dq!

Gagnant: Elias via disqualification

– No Disqualification Match

Bobby Lashley I accompanied Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Lio Rush vs Elias

At the end of the fight, Elias did McIntyre's gym in bas du ring. Elias went to the guitar and retrieved on the ring, but Corbin frappe in the two! Lashley brise the guitar of Elias with son pied. Corbin fills the coups of chaise sur Elias. It is shaking ensuite in pousser Elias contracting the barricades. McIntyre met with Alabama Slam on the steel board! Lashley le ramene sur le ring et couvre pour la victoire taking the pose.

Gagnant: Bobby Lashley

– On his return, Baron Corbin decides to relocate a WWE technician. Alexa Bliss arrives and said that I was impressed. I want him to say that Corbin is a personal boulot and he is here for the aider. Corbin said so soon Up to Survivor Series performance will be parfait if he can hit the female division of RAW. Bliss said that I'm too hard. Corbin said that he looked at him, he, too. Les deux la serrent la main.

– Here's a video about the story between Rollins et Ambrose. At the helm, Dean Ambrose is in the hospital's medical bureau. Ambrose said that he will not be exposed in the city of Milwaukee what will happen. Seth Rollins may feel in safety as it will not be for the Open Challenge. But the next day he will be there! Ambrose said that there is the saffron of the grippe, so I'm going to have a vacuum. I do not want to renegotiate new people. I had the impression of having kissed the vaco pour l'Ébola et les autres. Keeping it ready, we also have the Houston flower petals. Ambrose uses a vaccine in the bas du dos you said that Rollins went out of misère pour toujours.

– From return, the coming Revival. Wilder said that the last day was not enough to fight against a traditional combat against two of you and no against two. Dawson says that the spoils know how to respect each other. Ils vont muntar qu'ils no pas leur place in his first division.

– Tag Team Match (Fight Rules)

Fight House Party (Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik et Kalisto) vs. The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson)

At the end of the fight, Kalisto fait is Salida Del Sol, Metalik a Senton et Dorado are Shooting Star Press on Dawson for the account of three stories that Wilder was once again dreamed of the last fall.

Gagnants: Fight House Party

– From return, where a video about Lars Sullivan is here.

– Nia Jax arrive on the ring with Tamina. Nia Jax said that she has not been able to find out about this year. Comme elle qui donné la victoire à l'équippe de RAW à Survivor Series. He also acknowledged that he had breezed on him by Becky Lynch avec une commotion. L'homme could not rival the 'cassage de visage'. At TLC, he resumed the title of Ronda Rousey. Elle is located on the top, but from the carrière coule. Nia Jax begins to rock Ronda Rousey by saying that she is still championne reste debout after a raclée comme celle of Survivor Series. Rousey goes ahead of the daybreak of sa TLC. Rouse Rousey arrived on the ring and told me that Nia had the chance to gagner the Battle Royal at Evolution for a chance, Nia was likely to come from these people of Samoan and Nia in a chance to see a breeze. Rousey said that he was re-championne et lucher le bras pour ensuite frapper Charlotte Flair avec. Rousey invites Nia to a fight if it is available. Nia said that you will not go away with her. He will pour the fight, but they are poing n'est toujours pas prêt. Rousey said that I had enough excuses. Even approaching Rousey, Natalya arrive to come the sauver, but the Riott Squad arrives from the foule pour sonner Natalya sur la rampe! Le Riott Squad raises the leak and Rousey aide Natalya to relieve.

– In the arsenal, Drake Maverick said that 99% of nothing has ever done before. Être faces a septight pied. He personally assured Roode et Gable that he felt so sorry.

– From return, the catcheurs arriving.

– RAW Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Authors of Pain (Akam et Rezar) (c) I accompanied Drake Maverick vs Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

At the end of the fight, Drake Maverick wants the peignoir of Bobby Roode and the amene to the WC pour faire pipi dessus. On the voit sur le TitanTron, Roode is distracted. Pray in favor of South Pouter Roode sur Gable et Akam attach the tag to make the combination of TKO and Powerbomb sur Roode for your account.

Gagnants: Authors of Pain

– In coulisse, Sasha Banks and Bayley argue, but Alexa Bliss arrive. Bliss said that I will not be in charge of the division if I did not take Banks et from Bayley in the event of Survivor Series. Banks told him to leave. Bliss said that he did not kiss him for being afraid. Bliss said that he invites the deux to come south to a forum where the fans will soon be able to ask questions.

– At the end, Finn Valé said that Baron Corbin told him that he had failed to leave between him or not. What was going on was going to be debout you battre pour le meilleur côté dont il croit.

– Where Announces that Curt Hawkins replaces Braun Strowman for the Mixed Match Challenge tournament.

– Singles Match

Ember Moon I accompanied Curt Hawkins vs. Alicia Fox I accompanied Jinder Mahal et les Singh Brothers

At the end of the fight, Moon fait is Eclypse sur Fox pour le account de trois.

Gagnante: Ember Moon

– After fighting him, No Way Jose arrive for a celebrity with Moon et Hawkins.

– From return, combat him commence.

– Singles Match

Jinder Mahal accompagné des Singh Brothers vs. No Way Jose

At the end of the fight, Mahal repounded Jose, and he made the Full Nelson Slam for his account.

Gagnant: Jinder Mahal

– From return, Seth Rollins arrive on the ring and new souhaite the wellness to Monday Night Rollins. Ambrose is coming to tell me that I was wearing him. Where is it better than I? He is recommence because he is an Intercontinental champion who fights. Pour Dean Ambrose, I'd like to thank you for the partout. Ambrose told me that I would not know what to do, but I'm a mentor and a guy, Ambrose is surely cache. But it is not important for me this is Seth Rollins and I'll give you the time to lancer the Open Challenge! Dolph Ziggler arrives and told you about the old Rollins. Rollins' coeur was a little bit extra behind the tragedy of Ambrose. If Rollins revient the elder I know what he's done as a driver, I lost the loan. What is the best of the world and the Intercontinental champion?

– Intercontinental Championship – Singles Match

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

At the end of the fight, Ziggler monte sur le coin, but Seth Rollins block him with a Falcon Arrow for his account.

Gagnant: Seth Rollins

– From retour, c'est le moment du forum de discussion. Alexa Bliss arrives and told you to keep the role of the female division of RAW. I want you to give me the chance to put questions to Sasha et Bayley to help you know. There is a limit, on which demander I came. Sasha Banks and Bayley arrivent. Bliss ask the fans to lever leur main pour les questions. Charly approached a fan and asked for what he wanted to change the division. Bayley said that they did not change, they would eventually become accustomed to chances. Sasha said that she wanted to swing her ass from Bliss to SmackDown. Bliss, I beg you, what do you have to pass on to a simple partner. Bayley said that he is disagreeing, he was awaiting the envoyer Bliss d'où elle vient, hell! Alicia Fox, Mickie James and Dana Brooke arriving from the foule pour coups Bayley et Sasha! Bayley and Sasha are finally able to leave the trois catcheuses du ring.

– From return, Balor arrive the premier.

– Singles Match

Finn Valor vs. Baron Corbin

Punching the combat, Corbin prend le micro et dit à Recap rating. Corbin Annonce that will fight you will be maintaining a Handicap Match 2 counter 1! Drew McIntyre arrive

– Handicap Match

Finn Valor vs. Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre

McIntyre takes control of the combat since they are released and they are Claymore Kick pour le account de trois.

Gagnants: Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre

– After fighting him, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush arriving. Lashley fait are Dominator sur Balor! Corbin Enchaine with a End of Days. McIntyre ends with a Claymore Kick. Le show ends with a celebration of the trio.

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