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Reunion au sommet à la Conmebol after the fiasco Boca-River


He later reported to him the new order of the Copa Libertadores' final return between River Plate and Boca Juniors, the grand rivals of Argentine football, the presidents of the club's clubs gathered at the auction of the Conmebol for tenter to find a new date .

Violent incidents to the abode of the stade, joueurs blessés, accusations of trahison between directors: from the Samedi, the situation tends to take place in the future of the event that was eventually a sportif major of the planete foot, the South American competing competition the equivalent of the Ligue des champions.

The images of the supporters of River caillassant le car des Joueurs de Boca, from the storms of the stade, from arrestations, from the streets of the Huppé quartier of Buenos Aires plongées in a cloud of lacrymogenes gaz where the tour du monde.

Alors who will help thousands of spectators to stay in the stadium, not the president of the FIFA Gianni Infantino, the organizers, where the reporter will finally meet again in a new order.

The bus to Pisa in the middle of River with extra vitreous tracks. Since joueurs are out on the hustle, yeux irritated. Le capitaine Pablo Pérez was trained in a hospital for a medical examination.


La passion et la rivalité sont telles between River Plate et Boca Juniors, the clubs most worthy of Argentina, whose results are usually ruled by incidents.

For years, these scenes of violence are still under the control of the G20, who ought to be in the Argentine capital on November 30 and December 1st, when attending the chefs of Etat et de gouvernement des vingt principaux pays riches et émergents.

After donne they are accord for a report of the match, Boca Juniors said discomforts unite victoire sur tapis vert after the incidents of Samedi. Le match aller s'tait soldé for a 2-2 no.

In the face, the President of River Plate Rodolfo D'Onofrio gives him a trahison. "J'ai du mal à croire, maybe I could not have the promise. New grandparents signed a document, you'll be new to me. I'll be the main one. You may already know that Boca saisit la Conmebol asked you why you were singing champions by décret ", the luncheon D'Onofrio to Radio Miter will be announced.

D'Onofrio said that if he was not in the process of being informed by the president of Boca Juniors, the match would be played by the team, with the Conmebol insisting on the incident and misgivings of Pablo Perez.

Appel au compromis

Boca demands that River be sanctioned for the coup de et et de gaz lacrymogènes from the Boca coach, which was used by the supporters of River, exploiting the security mechanism of the Argentine police.

He is responsible for the security of Buenos Aires, Martin Ocampo, in response to the resignation of Monday.

Outre the meeting of the mardi among the presidents, the demand for sanctions by Boca at the meeting of River "will be examined by the Court of discipline of the Conmebol, an independent body composed of the members," to declare Monday to the AFP a source au sein de la Confédération.



The President of the Conmebol Alejandro Dominguez appealed to the presidents of two clubs to agree on a compromise. "What is more beautiful than a sporting title who is playing. Or all the acteurs of South American football is coming to an end with violence, or the ultimate violence with football in South America," at- It has aver.

In 2015, at the end of the final eight games, Boca Juniors had a sanction match, match on the rug (3-0), one of their fans was sprinkled with an irritant gazter the players of River Plate, in the tunnel gonflable qui mène des vestiaires à la pelouse.

Diego Maradona, fan of Boca, Lui aussi are my grain sel. "I'm very sorry, but if I do not respect the rules, I would like to make a sanction. I have the sanction for donating the points to Boca", plaide-t-il.


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