Saturday , July 2 2022

Rich Chinese, Jack Ma, is a member of the Communist Party


Jack Ma, the Chinese giant Chinese trade giant and the richest man in China, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The CCP's participation, with 89 million members, People's Daily, leaked to the CCP, received an award in the Chinese development actors.


One of the richest CCP members who did not want to confuse businessmen in politics, such as Xu Jiayin, a real estate developer and founder of Evergrande, among others.

According to his article, People's Daily reported that Jack Ma had a great deal of importance for the new "Silk Roads", a huge Chinese investment program, particularly in Asia and Europe, in 2013, President Xi Jinping.

In addition, "the great construction of socialism speaks with the Chinese province of Zhejiang Province", since it is the headquarters of Alibaba.

While many economic situations are in the public sector, CCP's membership can facilitate some private entrepreneurial action in a complex legislative and economic context.

The Lehendakari wants to expand the impact of the party in the private sector. It is necessary to create a cellular part of any company that works in more than three CCP members or, if not enough, it will commit to its members.

Three of the three private companies meet this requirement.

According to the latest regulations issued to parties of different companies, China's official news agencies have been published on Sunday, the CCP cells have "guided and supervised business, strictly adhering to national laws and regulations." ".

Jack Ma was not Alibaba joining the New York Stock Exchange in 2014 when he joined Alibad. But the official media did not say whether he was a member.

He decided to refuse Alibaba spokesman.

Jack Ma once acknowledged a certain distance of power: "My philosophy loves government, but never marries," said Davos World Economic Forum in 2007.

The Aspirant Party, however, must swear to participate: "Be faithful to the party, actively work, fight for communism, sacrifice for the party and the people and not be a party."

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