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Saint-Etienne: Nantes will play the game, match live

Nantes - Saint-Etienne: Nantes will play the game, match live

MATCH NANTES – SAINT-ETIENNE – Scores and goals, results, summary … Live in the match between Nantes and Saint-Étienne. The meeting is, of course, a tribute to the fans, its former striker Emiliano Sala

22:09 – Purpose set for the meeting

There is only one square shot from the beginning of the meeting and it is active in Stéphanois. Seven shots in Nantes with zero frames. The property is balanced by 51% in Nantes

22:05 – Video: emotional introduction of players

In Nantes, a great moment in Saint-Etienne, when 22 actors and typhoons entered the tribute Emiliano Sala. These words are missing out to describe these minutes

22:02 – Two reds to make fun

The players confirmed the information to recover a ball that players injure themselves from each other. Incomprehensible situation, especially in that context

22:01 – Very strange match

Of course, this meeting is commemorated in honor of Emiliano Sala, and there is no commitment in the field. However, he is a native of Nantes to dominate the positions of Waris brilliant and Coulibaly.

21:57 – MI MI – HORA! 0-0 Nantesen – Saint-Etienne

It is half whistled after two reds, very surprising. Channel news rejected by players …

21:55 – M & # 39; Vila and Fabio red

Unbelievable! Both players received a red card when they were not judges. Very surprising as a reaction

21:52 – Diego Carlos is yellow

A little while, even Diego Carlos, when he gets a yellow card booked against Khazri

21:51 – An extra three-minute time

There are three minutes left in the first half. When we expected a tough match on the coast of Nantes, Greens is more in favor or the game is very difficult.

21:48 – Silva's strike in the country

The smallest remedy for Silva, with the focus of FC Nantes. But the defense plays perfectly and Dupé makes the most of it

21:45 – The first event is missing five minutes

We are approaching the weekend and Saint-Etienne from Nantes does not offer a real opportunity. Saint Etienne is an unknown moment and can not be attacked

21:42 – Touré is kicking next to him

Toure controls the entrance to the surface and then follows the volleyball but his attempt is lost

21:40 – Saint-Etienne has problems

Greens can not do much at this meeting. Balloons have not been found by Cabella or Khazri or Diony. Although Nantes has the first context.

21:38 – Homage to the room

Tribute to Emiliano Sala in the ninth minute of the Nantes girl – Saint-Etienne.

21:37 – The Monnet packet is yellow

Waris makes a nice acceleration, but Monnet-Pack is illegal throughout the race. A good yellow and free logic 35 meters to the left.

21:35 – Play stop

Once again, a player stays on the ground and this time Khazrik has been told by a blow on his head. The game continues a few seconds later

21:33 – The perfect opportunity for Nantes

Nice Nice action in Nantes, from a large Traoré cross to the left. This center perfectly finds Coulibaly's head, when he crosses his head a little, after being beaten by Ruffier.

21:31 – Meeting, by the songs of Sala

Fans have singing Emiliano Sala since the start. The goal and the stadiums could become a real volcano.

21:29 – Delay of Saint-Etienne

Berdeek put the ball to the ball and want to build it quietly. Above all, delaying the axis of Nantes is just a few minutes away. At Nantes-Saint-Étienne we are missing 23 minutes and still 0-0.

21:27 – Waris strikes

The first real chance in Nantes, at the entrance to the penalty area at Waris. The second is surrounded, but the opposite is also the case. The corner will not do anything in Nantes

21:26 – Many mistakes

The beginning of the game has many flaws, especially from Saint-Étienne. Nantes has spent several minutes and campaigns in mid-Greens

21:24 – Nantes pressures

Nantes tries to combine the edge of the box and, following Fabier's Rongier balloon, Saint-Etienne defends a corner, but does not give anything and Ruffier can clear his team

21:22 – The free kick is nothing

Boschiliak misses a shot, but the left foot is completely avoided. The atmosphere is very heavy, it's time to set the rhythm

21:20 – A good free kick in Nantes

Number 10 Nantes, Waris gets a free kick on the left, at the entrance to the penalty area.

21:17 – The coach of Nantes cried

Vahid Halilhodžić is totally hindered by this award. This Nantes-Saint-Etienne match seems to be confusing, but now it's over.

9:15 a.m. – In the ninth minute

Nantes is the ninth minute of Saint-Étienne and the referee pays tribute to Argentina. Beaujoire's great emotionality with the applause of a whole stadium

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