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Senators betrayed …

Although we are the winner of these presidential elections, we would lose. In Senegal we are witnessing unprecedented ethnic, fraternity and regional votes; This is all Senegalese's greatest relative. Does the Senegald seek the best profile in Senegal that has been voted on or given according to other criteria? The election began to launch a partial party system only in 1983, changing the constitution that the President Diouf created two years earlier. We will look at how we analyze how to throw away the Senegalese in comparison to the 2019 vote. On the other hand, are we changing the oil curse that starts with ethnic, confrontational and regional differences?

After two years, President Diouf did not present himself too much, Senghor's former prime minister. He entered into a number of political parties, set measures to fight corruption and eliminate rural debt. Marabout continued to maintain good relations when the settlers inherited it. In 1983, 90% of the population of ndigueul maraboutique arrived, so Tidiane and Mouride Califas were invited to vote for President Diouf. This election will win more than 80% of the vote. Diouf President Fouta will have more than 90% and about 80% of Dakar, with over 75% of Diourbel, though tireless. In 1983, the Dakar and Iparraldeko districts were already outgoing.

In 1988, more than 80% in ten regions, Diourbel, Saint-Louis, grew up in the city and Louga, in its hometown. This will take over 73% for the first time. Mourid ndigeul is still more prominent among these elections and the faithful will respect it. The Dakar region will be divided between Diouf and Wade, respectively 58% and 40%. Rural exodus and unemployment despite the highest Dakar mismatched score, are 58%. His worst score will be Ziguinchor as a result of Casamance's conflict. This population has a permanent anxiety and does not believe that President Diouf manages this file correctly.

In 1993, the late Serigne Saliou, the caliph of Mourides, resigned to politics and erased political life. Tidiane Kalifa was a supporter of Diouf, but was not formally proclaimed, even though the small marathons of her brotherhood gave orders to vote for President Diouf. President Wade will also support some Moorish marabouts and support Moustarchidines Wal Moustarchidates. Diouf's Dakar's unpleasantness becomes disturbing, with only 41% of the votes against Wade's 51%. Diouf will also lose in the Thies region, Senegal in two regions, in the city's area and in rural areas. The rural world is the president of Diouf, who votes for more than 55% of all rural regions, does not know and does not matter how a country's economy works, but who is concerned about seeds, holes, electricity and tracks.

In 2000, Diouf achieved 41% of the vote of about 31% of Wade, the second attempt is essential. Diouf has won 10 more than 50% of Fatick, Louga, Tambacounda and Saint-Louis Fatick. How did you go to the second round? Dakar, after dropping the score, was the lowest, less than 24%. Ziguinchor lost to Wade after the 1999 ceasefire. No one will be left thanks to the marabas. They begin to hinder politics, even though they receive political leaders and pray for them. The first political alternative to the Senate politics took place in Senegal for the first time.

In 2007, President Wade won for the first time at the age of 55, and his closest opponent was between 14 and 93 votes. The president said that Toub was elected in 2000 and 2007 and therefore can not make other countries as equal as Touba. That is to say, voting begins to change, is the head of state, the President of all Senegaliar.

In 2012, Macky Salle showed her neutrality in her brotherhood and did not have any conferences. Wada obtains 34.47% of the votes for Macky's 26.19%. Also, the second attempt is essential. Macky was the main district of Wade in Guediawaye and Pikine. Wade Touba remains the master. Macky Sall, the president of the National Assembly, will be dismissed as "legal", and the Senegalese, who have no injustice, voted for Macky because of this injustice, and Wade tried to force the third term and set the "Law" on the National Assembly in the National Assembly.

In 2019, Macky Sallek expanded the vote of the River Basin and the vote of his native Fatick, Ousmane Son, dominates the South, largely dominated by Idrissa Seck. We are seeing the candidate of these elections, the ethnic group and the regional vote. It's serious! It has to change all costs.

Rational power in Senegal, an Arlesian? Senegal refers to a magnificent democracy and, paradoxically, a young democracy. Although there is an objective vote in Senegal, most Senegal votes have a personality vote. Voting must be optional, and candidates' ability must meet the expectations of the population. The sociological factor played during Senegal's vote, the "change" of a candidate's brotherhood. A new candidate arrived, when he received the vote of the original region. Another received an ethnic and regional vote. It is essential to stop this vote, this debate, the spark that generates fires in all crises in all countries. Join and become a brother! In Senegal we must first be what we want to do first. Although Senegal denounced the elections in 2019 and the elections were not won, Senegal would lose the grooms. Do we think that when our children, grandchildren and, above all, vote for Senegal? It is difficult to know that "educating" does not mean reading and writing and being authorized, but it is illiterate that voters can be much more "educated" than someone. with one title. Nelson Mandela.

Mohamed Dia, Bank Counselor

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