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SONATRACH – Signature of a contract between SONATRACH …

For the sake of the development of the champions of Tinhert, Sonatrach has decided to reinstate new installations of compartments, compression and utilities in the complex of existing gasoline for the record of 36 meters from the North Champs of Gaziers with a period of production of environmental media 4.7 MMSm3 / J.

The issue of issues of power will be approached to address the new units of separation and compression (CPF nouveau), then towards the existing Gazan complex of Ohanet located in the wilaya of Illizi (Southeast of Algeria).

The Tinhert Field Development project has the potential to add additional volumes of gas for the record of 36 new buyers of gas condensed products.

The EPT contracting from Prestations et Fournitures will include noteworthy:

– The degrees of study of detail;
– L'Approvisionnement et la livration DDP Site de la Fourniture;
– La Construction et le Montage sur Site;
– Les Essais et la Mise en Service;
– The Spécialisation du personnel du Maître de l'Ouvrage;
– Assistance to the exploitation.

The development program of the definitive receipt is for the month of December 2023, and will be able to reach a production of 4 Million M3 / J sold, 450 T / J of GPL and 750 T / J of condensate.

About Sonatrach

SONATRACH is the Société nationale algérienne for the search, production, transport, transformation and commercialization of hydrocarbons.
SONATRACH is an acteur majeur au service of satisfaction of domestic demand in energy. Première compagnie d'hydrocarbons in Afrique, SONATRACH is also a leading provider of energy in the world.

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