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The 12 infos savoir sur la soire de Ligue des Champions: raction du Real, CR7 encore dcisif, 7 qualifis in plus in 8 … – Football


The reaction of the Real Madrid orgue, Cristiano Ronaldo encore décisif, sept teams qualified in oddities, in the form of teams eliminated, Manchester United au bout du suspense … Discover the marquants faits match match counting for the 5th day of Ligue des Champions

The 12 infos

Le Real Madrid went well on the AS Roma (2-0).

The results of the mardi:

Groupe E : AEK Athènes 0-2 Ajax Amsterdam, Bayern Munich 5-1 Benfica.
Groupe F : OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS 2-2 Manchester City, Hoffenheim 2-3 Shakhtar Donetsk.
Groupe G : CSKA Moscow 1-2 Viktoria Plzen, AS Roma 0-2 Real Madrid.
Groupe H : Juventus de Turin 1-0 FC Valence, Manchester United 1-0 Young Boys Berne.

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1. The reaction of the Real Madrid orgue … Humiliated last weekend in the championnat sur pelouse d'Eibar (0-3), the Merengue on parfaitement rejointed Rome (2-0) in Ligue des Champions. Dominates the first act with an occasional occasion sold by the Romans (see more bas), Santiago Solari's hommes will be revealed within a certain period of time, thanks to a few-footed foot gag by Gareth Bale, and another from Lucas Vazquez in the foul. Suffissant pour qualifier pour les 8es et verrouiller the première place du groupe G.

VIDEO: le but presque gag inscribed by Gareth Bale …

2. When Cristiano Ronaldo does not mark, il passe. Le myne buteur de l'histoire de la Ligue des Champions avait à coeur de faire trembler les filets face à une vieille connaissance du championnat espagnol, Valence, But il s'est contented to offer a caviar à son coequipier Mario Mandzukic (1-0), after a little jogging pass, do not miss the secret … Suffixant to qualify the Bianconeri in final rains.

VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo caviar for Mario Mandzukic …

3. The teams who are qualified in the afternoon ce ce mardi. 7 devices where I validated leur ticket pour le «Grand 16» from the C1 ce mardi lors of the 5th day. Dans le groupe E, le Bayern Munich (13 pts) and theAjax Amsterdam (11 pts) the premiere place aux Pays-Bas in the last weeks was disputed, tout comme la Juventus (12 pts) et Manchester United (10 pts) at a distance, in the poule H. Dans le groupe G, le Real Madrid I am sure to finish in the head,AS Roma, at the urging of Manchester City In the F poule, but the Skyblues do not know anybody else right away! Pour rappel, FC Barcelone has already been validated for the tournament suite for the fourth day of the fourth day.

I missed the defeat against Real (0-2), the AS Roma by Steven Nzonzi froze the finishing evenings

4. Manchester United au finish, Mourinho exult! To the general surprise, the Red Devils where I had a bad time to come to the bout of the Young Boys worth of Bern (1-0) to Old Trafford. Where you can get more dominators, the Mancunens need to attend the additional time and match of Marouane Fellaini (90 + 1e), author of a veritable attacker's goal! In spite of all the pressure, José Mourinho coach left the blast joie au couff de final sifflet to qualify as if in 8s. In the way …

VIDEO: Marouane Fellaini marque, Mourinho exultes …

5. The fantastic fantasy of De Gea … As I explained above, Manchester United dominated the match face aux Young Boys in Berne (1-0) ce mardi in Old Trafford. But José Mourinho's husbands where I had some feasible times. You are on the eux, David De Gea kept him on leaving the parade to take a break from the mane of être menée! In a félin, the Spaniard has gone out of their way, they are long pour pour le balle sur sa ligne de but … Sans lui, the Red Devils auraient I hurt the hottest!

VIDEO: David De Gea came out again at Manchester United …

6. Le Bayern Munich puts forward a Robben bullet. I've lost quite a bit of trouble in the Bundesliga, the Bavarians, where I easily take over Benfica (5-1) ce Mardi in C1. The Hommes of Niko Kovac, where I was the best south of good rails to a solitary cube of Arjen Robben, concluded with the «Special» ! Dans the foul, he Dutch doubles the mise de fort belle manière, and a double Robert Lewandowski then a pocket of Franck Ribéry on my final suspense.

VIDEO: the «Special» Arjen Robben did Benfica bad!

7. Cornet adore Manchester City … Auteur de l'ouverture du score au match aller, former Messin a réédité ça au retour (2-2), et il et même ajouté un second but! Le Gone had a great time in the premiere of the moment, but he was most likely to be forgiven by supporters lyonnais thanks to this magnificent frappe frappe. Aymeric Laporte on stage ensured, before Rhodanien knocked Ederson out! Unfortunately for Lui, Sergio Agüero in order to glaze the Groupama Stadium (Lire le Débrief et NOTES des joueurs).

VIDEO: from somewhere fabulous, Maxwel Cornet uvre le score face to City!

8. Le Shakhtar adds the qualification to Olympique Lyonnais at the end of a match! The female was simple for Les Gones, who was qualified in the event of a zero score between Hoffenheim et le Shakhtar (2-3). Unfortunately for the Bruno Brunese engineer, the Ukrainians took the advantage of Taison au bout du suspense (90 + 2e). The OL, who has all kinds of advancement points, must be able to assure their qualification with a zero or a victory … in Ukraine, in deux semaines!

VIDEO: au bout du suspense, Taison glace Hoffenheim …

9. 13 years later, Ajax Amsterdam returns in late-night. By imposing south AEK Athenes (2-0) in a doublet of Tadic, the Amstellodamois validated his league ticket for the final laps of the Champions League. Et les Néerlandais pourront savourer cette performance, car leur dernière participation au «Grand 16» Take the C1 back to the saison … 2005-2006! In the afternoon, Inter Milan had already indicated that he had left the series (2-2, 0-1).

A doublet of Dusan Tadic invades the Ajax in the afternoon … 13 years after the last qualification of the club!

10. From clubs taking charge. Au coup de sifflet final from matches of ce mardi, 7 teams ne sont mathématiquement plus in qualification measure for final eighths, to savoir: Benfica, AEK Athen, Hoffenheim, Viktoria Plzen, CSKA Moscow, Valence and Bern. Certaines are eliminated by all the European competitions, the image of the Grecs or Young Boys, and others are Encore in course pour disputer the Europa League, at the moment of Plzen, Moscow or even Hoffenheim.

Battus for Manchester United, the Young Boys of Berne was eliminated by all the Coupes d'Europe

11. Le Viktoria Plzen Peut Rever of Europa League. I got a point in the account of this 5th day ticket, the Czech kicker who was clearly named for the fourth place. But the victory over the pelouse of CSKA Moscow (2-1), after I was given a pocket, I switched the women! In effect, the goals of Prochazka and Hejda allowed Plzen to rebuild the Muslim club, with 4 points. The two teams are eliminated from the C1, Allow yourself to look for the C3 !

The girl from Plzen afterwards succeeded him in the CSKA Moscow …

12. The unbelievable rat of Cengiz Ünder! Assertive fébriles defenitely, Real Madrid doit are «Clean sheet» to the Roman age Cengiz Ünder, the author of a lack of precision whilst securing the pocket. Just before he returned to the dressing rooms, Dani Carvajal was tempted by a close tie and the attacker of La Louve Edin Dzeko in profite pour délivrer un veritable caviar à son coéquipier turc. Unfortunately for the Italians, Ünder refused to find the box, which was found five meters from the cage … The faute aux taupes sous le terrain?

VIDEO: The unbelievable rat of Cengiz Ünder …

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Auteur du second but du Real Madrid sur la pelouse of AS Roma (2-0), Lucas Vazquez remercie le ciel

Cristiano Ronaldo, passeur décisif, and Mario Mandzukic, butor with Juventus face Valence (1-0)

Marcus Rashford scored a number of occasions with Manchester United vs Berne (1-0) …

Maxwel Cornet, doubler coach with Lyon facing Manchester City (2-2)

Le Bayern Munich has largely defeated Benfica (5-1) ce mardi, and Franck Ribéry to play it!

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