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The air of the lands is tasted

Dakar, January 31 (APS). The daily press of Thursday deals with the latest candidates for election, amongst others, Malick Gackou's Supreme Party meeting before the Prime Minister of Idrissa Seck.

"Gakou Idy joins", for example, Le Quotidien newspaper, according to which the "Big Party" was driven by its militants driven by Idrissa Seck's arms, "while others watch the same example."

"It's his choice," said The Observer, Malick Gakou's support to Idrissa Seck, as part of the Coalition called "Forces Vives". "We share the same idea for President Idrissa Seck's patriotic and democratic Senegal," explained L & # 39; Observateur.

Likewise, Khalifa Salle throws Idrissa Seck, according to Sud Quotidien. "Some of Khalifa Sall's relatives have confirmed this" information, "others are expecting a decision by the ECOWAS" in the recourse to cancel their nominee candidates.

Khalifa Salle "decided to approve the election presidential candidate Idrissa Seck on February 24", writes Sud Quotidien, referring to "a reliable and generally well-informed source".

According to the current newspaper, the former mayor of Dakar is not the former prime minister and the leader of the Rewmi party, FSD / BJ Cheikh Bamba Dièye "committed" the president of Thiès.

Meanwhile, Vox Populi has reported that "negotiations" will continue in Paris around the "Rewmi" side of "Abdoulaye Wade". Both parties of the Democratic Senate party (PDS), who formed the former president, were Calibrate, which is Karim Wade's son.

The "Last Maneuver of the candidates" outlines the daily testimonies from the beginning of the election campaign for 72 hours, and the outgoing president asks "to discuss ideas and support ideas," according to Le Soleil.

When the election committees are welcomed, there is a problem in the presidential movement, Walfiquid believes.

In Tambacounda, for example, "Sidiki Kabaren's options have led the deputy mayor of eastern capital to threaten the implementation of a" joint threat poll "by Thiaroye, Pikine, Keur Massar and Amadou Bân, who described the" Wadididid reports ".

The prospects for the election campaign will not be ignored, such as the inauguration of a new administrative building on 10 floors, "100 more rooms, nine meeting rooms," 50% reduction in energy consumption, details Le Soleil.

Additionally, the infrastructure signing the former President of Mamadou Dia Council reminded God of 2009, "Commitment, rigor and probity model." "Do not say more building of the Administration, but build Mamadou Dia!", Shows the Diagnostic.

The newspapers are the presidents of President Sall's decision to be baptized as the administrative building called Mamadou Dia. "Macky Sall Kills Mamadou Day" (Southern Daily), "Mamadou Dia Resurrected" (The Daily), "Macky Mado Returns to Its Magnitude" (The Observer).

Mamadou Dia, President of the Council of Senegal, from 1957 to 1962, is recognized as an inspiration for the administration of modern-day Senegal, with administrative reforms protected by "economic, social and cultural realities." We can read it on the pillars of the sun.

Other authorities have not warned President Sall, Mamadou Dia, "Zappe Wade", his advisers and predecessors in honor of Senegal. That is why this head of the Tribune, "The great difference between Macky, Dia and Wade," has the subtitle: "Installed by Maodos, the Pope of Sopia washed."

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