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The Bitcoin value reaches $ 3800 and generates a total loss of $ 163 million among users, bitcoins, deceit frauds?


Bitcoin, the cryptographic currency, is declining in value and some have not stopped. Currently, Valoris is $ 3,852, bitcoin is far from the 2017 financial asset, and has earned a massive attraction for investors. In fact, at the beginning of 2017, the cryptographic currency was $ 1,000. A few months later and more specifically in May 2017, the currency value was spent at $ 2,000. In August, the balance of 4,000 was traded and in October, it obtained a virtual currency of $ 5,000 to $ 6,000. Although the Bitcoin Growth Index is already high in relation to the original value, it would be even more interesting for the next few months. In November 2017, the value of the cryptographic currency was $ 8,000 and $ 10,000. In mid-December 2017, bitcoin courses broke records of 20,000 euros.

Growth growth in 2017 has been the investment of the important money resources attracted by many people to make the most of the profits earned from this currency. It should be taken into account that the benefits that many projects invested in Bitcoin technology-based projects survive simultaneously that these projects will bear fruit.

However, the rise of the 2018 bitcoin brand by 2018 and February 2018, after 2 months after reaching the summit of 20,000 dollars, the currency's values ​​were slowed down. The amount of USD 20 thousand of 20 December 2017 was 6 thousand euros in February 2018. The remainder remained in the following months and today the value of Bitcoin is traded around $ 3850, according to CoinMarketCap, capitalization of the market for cryptographic currency platforms. Invested before 1st In January 2017, the fall is unbearable.

However, when the elevated value of 2017 for many users who joined this new financial adventure rose, the latest development of cryptocracy would leave a bitter taste. Compared to the current value of two weeks ago, it fell by almost 40%. And with respect to the 2078 year-olds of December 17, 2017, this represents a decline of around 80%.

For some people, the bitcoin, peer-to-peer payment system looks like a beautiful bubble you're carrying out. For other people, it's a bit like saying a word bubble. Rather, unfortunately, people paid a lot of money from millions of dollars, according to which the value of the price was evaluated, essentially, to obtain an invalid number entity.

In order to prove that Bitcoin market capitalization is cheating, its criticisms must be argued that a valuation mechanism needs to be understood. According to CoinMarketCap statistics, there are currently 2074 cryptographic currencies in circulation against 1926, in September and at the beginning of 1400. These cryptoconferencing devices are attracting new investors that invest in ICO (Initial Coin Offerings or cryptocurrency) over the months and incorporate new platforms through constant pain. To determine the market capitalization of each cryptographic currency, multiply the current currency by the current price. Additionally, if the parts become part of a sustainable way, a new market capitalization will be created at a stable price to cover damages.

1stst As of January 2018, the market capitalization of all cryptographic currency of bitcoins was $ 229 million. Currently, this capitalization is $ 66 million, so 163 million dollars of fat is introduced. Over time, $ 20,000 worth of bitcoins will end up with $ 4,000 less than bitcoins.

For some users, bitcoins are too risky to be long-term non-sponsoring to carry out current transactions or speculate. The decentralization of transactions localization and the exchange of their strength would not be sufficient argument in this investment. Others prefer to turn gold, because this precious metal does not oxidize time, unlike bitcoins, blush your eyes depending on the circumstances. Others prefer to have traditional currencies and go to different currencies.

But for other people, the curiosity value is less than the time it grows again.

Source: Wolf Street

And you?

What do you think about this bitcoin downgrade?

Do you think it is temporary and that there will be a financial momentum in the coming times?

Or do you think that this fall is not only the dumb face of the lips showing only the fingertips?

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