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The champion in Ivorian 11th, after the Afar match, Soa still scored


© – Monday, November 26, 2018 – The Omnisport Military (Soa) is still a leader Championship search championship In Ivory's draw he played Sunday against Igada, as stated by KOACI.

The military keep their leadership level Championship search championship On the 11th day after a lot of games scored by a surprise.

African Sport, on the bad ground, lost 2-1 to win FC San-Pedro. Africa goals Steve Foba in 12 minutes and Aubin Kouamé in minute 51. Konan Oussou scored the same goal for FC San Pedro in the 58th minute.

As a result, he promoted tenth place for African athletes. The position that creates hope among partner partners in the midst of internal crises.

On the same day of the 11th round, Asec Mimosas won 6-0 on Fc Moossou. Mimos takes a fifth position.

Sports club beat USC Bassam 2-1.

Jean Chrésus

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