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The deputies said the Censorship of the Internet in Senegal

The project of Law n ° 28/2018 bearing the Code de Télécommunications électroniques was voted in its majority by the deputies to the National Assembly, on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 … attempts to promulgation.

In a controversial dispute over the control of Artp and Internet marketers in Senegal, it was reportedly posted on the post at the National Assembly on Wednesday, November 28, at the occasion of the voting session of the budget of the ministry of the Communication, the Télécommunications, the Postes et de l'Economie numérique. Deux amendements rejetés et un non-examiné, et le tour est joué. The majority of those responsible for the validation of who constituted, the good number of the Internet Censorship of Senegal.

Pour rappel, in article 27, adds access to Sénégalais for Internet telephony applications: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, etc. The importance of a small amount of money has resulted in a serious coup in the economic number of the country and has been reversed due to significant advances in the démocratique vitrine that was seen in Senegal.

The last paragraph of article 27 of the code disposes: «The Regulatory Authority may authorize or impose a measure of the management of the traffic that is useful for him, noticeably, to press the competition in the electronic communications sector and vice versa equitable of similar services. »

With this new Code of Electronic Communications, the Code of Communications has put the Net neutrality and also the ARTP and its supporters, allow it to slow down, filter the access to "Over the top" (OTT) that is WhatsApp, FB Messenger , Skype, etc. Click here to read the mobile phone operators and loss of interest from the users.

I have a disposition who can also enter into an internet connection. One pour les riques et un autre pour les pauvres dans un pays or the fracture numérique est déjà béante.

Cet article 27 of the Code of Electronic Communications Code is therefore a danger to the development of the economic number (start-ups) and the ability to interact with online media and social networks.

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