Saturday , February 4 2023

The Euro Dollar tended the zone of support ahead of the statistics of this mid-month and the lourds dossiers of the week


The EUR / USD pair enters the consolidation after the new auction will beat the Forex of hier.

Alors that allowed him to leave forgotten, the Euro Dollar pulled over at over 1,1300 units, adding to the price of a restaurant Trump from customs rates on vouchers during the week.

From here, I ran from 1,1300 joue rôle de résistance, but a new support was found from 1.1275.

The temptation to kick-off is about 1.1267, and you'll be continuously in the range from 1.1275 / 1.1300.

With the exception of the court, the remainder is oriented to the bay, but attentiveness and prudence emerge with a strong evolution of the Euro Dollar.

In effect, out the statistics of the economic calendar of mid-April, with the PIB US at 2:30 p.m. and the sales of the neighbors at 16:00 p.m., even though he spoke to the President of the Fed Powell at 6 p.m., they were left attentive to the current situation riche at the moment.

Au Royaume-Uni Theresa May tried to convince the members of parliament to obtain a favorable vote and ratify the EU's text. In Europe, the discussions took place between Italy and the EU for the essayer d'éviter des sancions. Et aux États-Unis, on attende davantage de développements sur les taxes annoncées hier, ainsi that the encounter between Trmp et Xi sur le commerce in marge du G20 de vendredi.

Surveys influential brochures sur le Forex is now in suspense, and you'll be coming in for the surge volatility of EUR / USD at the end of the week. The prudence remains because of mise.

In terms of technical codes, where you can identify the support of 1,1275, 1,1250, 1,1215 (creux annuel) and 1,1200. The resorts come to 1,1300, 1,1330, 1,1344 / 50, and 1,1374 / 85.

Actually, the EUR / USD pair evolves from 1.1285 on the Forex.

Graphique EUR / USD H1


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