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The national plan project is integrated into the field of energy and climate (2021-2030) – // Le gouvernement luxembourgeois


(from dr. dr.) Georges Gehl, MECDD; André Weidenhaupt, MECDD; Carole Dieschbourg, Minister of Environment, Du Climat et du Développement durable; Claude Turmes, Minister of Ecology; Olaf Münichsdorfer, MEA

Le contexte internationale: agir plus vite et augmenter niveau d'ambition!

The Paris accord adopted unanimously on December 12, 2015, constituting the foundation of climate action on the world level. At the heart of this agreement, the object of containing the climate change is netted below 2 ° C for the pre-stress levels, and the activities for the limiter to 1.5 ° C.

The recent report of the GIEC (Groupe d'experts intergouvernementale sur l'évolution du climat – IPCC) illustrates the importance of the debate and urgency of action: According to the report of the 2030 (by report on the current level) of the global emission of gas emissions, followed by climate neutrality in 2050, allowed the limiting of global reducer to 1.5 ° C.

In light of the large political and political consensus that the contributions that were made, and which are part of the European Union (EU), are not enough to ensure a comprehensive consolidation and irremediability, starting from 2 ° C from 2060.

The EU of gold has given you a political commitment to revive the haughty of 2020, to contribute to the agreement of Paris for the next decades, and to work for an environmental impact assessment of To be nettes nulles in 2050. The member states would then be encouraged to go beyond the targets of the reductions of emissions set by the legislative framework in place.

Cet engagement politique is motivated by the GIEC's finding that the objectives of the Paris Agreement are still respectful for the condition of a action rapide, déterminée et conséquente dans tous les domains. The number of relatives relative to the coefficients of inaction has been dropped, concluding that plus tardive gouvernements, plus the economic charge will be lourde.

A strong national level engagement

Dans du cadre du nouvel accord de coalition, le gouvernement resurs à "mettre tout en œuvre pour respecter cet accord [de Paris] Take into account the conclusions of the 1.5 ° C special report of the GIEC. "

What's in the box that the support has The national plan is integrated in the field of energy and climate for the period 2021-2030, by the rules (EU) 2018/1999 on the governance of the Union of energy and action for the climate in place.

Throughout the national plan, the member states will be most appreciated Objectives nationwide in the field of renewable energies, efficiency and energy efficiency of emissions from gaz à effet de serre à l'horizon 2030, illustrate the policies and measures it allows you to achieve the objectives.

The member states doivat soumettre the definitive version with dimensions detailed and chiffrées pour le 31 décembre 2019.

Taking into account the investiture du nouveau gouvernement, du nouvel accord gouvernemental et des consultations interministéelles qui qui coupe, le gouvernement luxembourgeois soumis are a project plan on 13 February 2019 to the European Commission.

The objects

The amelioration of the ethereal efficiency and the promotion of sources of renewables that constitute the foundations of the climate of Luxembourg and the transition of energy.

  • A responsible objectif in terms of CO2 reduction

At matière de Streaming of emissions from gaz à effet de serre, one Objectif comprised between 50% and 55% in 2030 par rapport à 2005 is registered in the plan project. The object is the sectors not covered by the emission allowance trading system (EU ETS), taking into account the "zero net" emission objective in the 2050 horizon.

Cet engagement is the main cause of the crisis, since the EU's level of emission reduction targets, up 40% on the 2030 horizon should be 55% to ensure compatibility with the agreement of Paris.

The objective will be coupled with a renewal of efforts in the field of amelioration of the efficacy of energy and promotion of renewable energies.

  • A policy of renovation continues in terms of fuel sales

Knowing that the emissions of gas emissions will never take place deux tiers par le sectoreur des transports routiers, It will be incontournable if you continue with the sales of routine fuels. According to the one who is reprising in the coalition agreement, "the imposition of petroleum products (fuel and petroleum) will be adjusted in the light of the subscribed objects for Luxembourg in the framework of agreements of Paris." The supplementary recitals are generated by a hairs from the accesses to fuel, which will be affected in large part of the climate and energy funds and oriented towards financing alternatives.

The renewed promotion of transport in commun et de mobilité activé contribuera également à limite les emmissions dans le domaine des transports, all le le leit future législatif communautaire cadre fixing norms of performance in matière d'émissions de CO2 pour les voitures particulières et les véhicules Lightweight utility (final commitment retaining from reductions of 37.5%, respectively, of 31% in 2030 par rapport à 2021), even though for poids lourds (final commitment retaining a reduction of 30% in 2030 par rapport a 2020).

  • New mobility: favoring transports in commun et l'électrique

The objectif du govvernement d'initier une durable mobility in all domains, with one Renewed promotion of transport in commun, mobilité active et du developpement of electromobilité, Par des solutions comme entre autres le tramway, transportes in commun gratuits as of 2020 or even the expansion nationale of the charge infrastructure, will contribute to the objective in the field of efficacy of energy.

Les new thinnings to electromobility from January 1, 2019 onwards, you will be approached by volunteers and scientists.

In outre, according to who is reprising in the coalition accord: "Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship will be intensified by stressing the efficacy of measures for cooperative report."

  • A leadership in the field of efficacy of energy from buildings

In terms ofefficacy of energy, a correction of the final demand for energy from 40% to 44% at the 2030 horizon, as part of the EU PRIME 2007 reference, is part of the plan. It seems to me that, as I have opted for more recent years, Luxembourg has continued to pursue a policy focused on high efficiency in all levels. Among others, dans le domaine des Neuf buildings, Luxembourg is in charge of the transposition of exigencies in the field of energy performance from buildings of habitation to consumption of energy near you and A decoupling occurred between the increase in population and CO2 emissions.

The purpose of the object is more ambitious Additional tracks will be envisaged:

  • the mise in place of one standard to consommation of energy almost to pour them bâtiments fonctionnels
  • one "phase out" progressif du mazout et du gaz dans le domaine des stings
  • the mise en œuvre d'un nouveau More ambitious framework for the renewal of energy at the base of buildings of habitation and building reconstructions and recours in the frame at the gemmetry

  • Renewed dynamics and diversified into the renouvelable domes

En matière d 'Renewable energies, an objectif from 23% to 25% at the 2030 horizon is inscribed in the plan project. As part of the new coalition agreement, I would like to remind you that I would like to continue with an ambitious policy and I saw a step-by-step transition to 100% renewables.

The object for Luxembourg, the form of referendum indicative contained in the regulation of the governance of the Union of energy and of the action for the climate correspond to approximately 23% in the field of renewables for 2030.

Dans ce domaine, les efforts in the domination of the development of reliefs will be southeastern. For example, an offensive will be launched in the domaine of the photovoltaic base of the development of a "floor plan" and new tracks and the geotherm will be explored. Le régime d'auxis pour la promotion du photovoltaïque vient d'être amélioré.

Faced with the need to release as much money as possible to the decarbonisation, I would like to be able to conform to the climatic ambition that the international community has given to the Paris accord, Luxembourg will continue to play a pioneer rôle Becoming a proactive actress of the ethereal transition. Selon calculares effectués par le consortium, a minimum of 25% in matière de renouvelables etégesiques d'ici 2030 est incontournable to assure compatibility with the agreement of Paris.

  • A plan that sets the future: to arise economic opportunities

The project plan has the potential of the librarian to provide important strengths to reinforce the connection between the energy and climate policy of a part and other economic development. In effect, there will be an assurance of an intelligent and durable development of the countries, especially in the fields of ecotecnologies, circulation, mobility, climate action and digitalisation. In outre, you will need to intensify the efforts of research and development (R & D) and investments, especially in the field of high efficiency, to bring you closer to the modern industry the point of technology.

The national plan is integrated in the field of energy and air safety in outre le The potential of investing in innovative start-ups in the areas concerned. In other words, he plans to create credibility with the need to favor that Luxembourg du Luxembourg devines him world leader from investment funds in the fields of renewable energy and renewable energies, In addition to financing the international climate for aider to fit the European, global, economic, transient transition.

Alors that the project of the plan defined the objects, exprimas sous de fourchettes, as well as the policy of ethereal climate you climbed in 2030, The plan is final to the European Commission for the end of December 2019 from measures, precise, commensurate with the agreement of the coalition.

Dans le cadre de la finalisation du plan, la question des impacts de sa mise en place will be addressed as required by the European Regu lation. Ainsi, the ministry of Energy and the Environment of the territory, and the Ministry of Environment, the Climat et du Développement durable jointly with the ministry of finance and the ministry of economics, an analysis of impacts of national integrated plan This one should also quantify you well the economic effects, budgétaires et sociales and liés that opportunités while driving, even the ones Positive impacts of action on the southern climate of the public and environnement in resurfacing.

She also has to take into account the It is also considered to be a renowned energy source A few days ago and last year attention particulière aux effets du futur cadre législatif communautaire fixing norms of performance in matière d'émissions de CO2 pour the voitures particulières et les vitaux utilitaires légers, ainsi that pour les poids lourds. Ces normes très strictes impacter the sale of fuels. The study analyzes more in detail the consequences mentioned in the budgetting plan of the period 2018-2023.

  • Large mobilization of the population and an elargi Aides regime

In the framework of the national plan, the population is entrusted to participate in the protection of the climate. A public consultation will be done on the basis of the current national integrated plan project.

The communes, the movements of citizens as well as the "climate pact" and the movement of the transition joueront an essential role in the protection of the climate domaine.

The regime of Aides will be affiné et elargi.


  • Le Luxembourg He assumes his responsibilities in the domination of the protection of the climate showing ahead one national planning project covers ambitious climate and energy et in phase with the urgent climate.
  • Le Potential in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy is considered. Since Offensive in the domination of electromobility, the efficience of the building functionalities, photovoltaic and geothermal are not planned
  • At court term from efforts in the domination of the reduction of the sale and of the exportation of routine fuels You're no need.
  • Reductions of exports of fuel require seront moins prononcées yes the Start-up of measures of energy efficiency and the deployment of renewable energies au niveau national sont plus powder.
  • It's important to be prepaid the incontournable effect generated by the new rules of emission of CO2 plus strictes pour les voitures particulières et les poids lourds sur le volume des ventes / de l'exportation des carburants au Luxembourg.
  • Il faut relever les Multiple opportunités économiques, écologiques et de santé From the ethanol transition you will be pre-prepared to a healthy fossil energy future.
  • The population entière is called to participate to the protection of the climate protection.
  • The financial aid system will be elargi Aid for the population to participate actively in the transition.

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