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The Netherlands invites the Air France-KLM capital

Air France-KLM entered into a turbulence center on Tuesday, hoping that the Netherlands would have the cold government to support the interests of the Netherlands in the company's capital.

"The Dutch government bought shares with 12.68% of Air France-KLM interest," said Wopke Hoekstra Finance Minister at the Hague press conference. As of 20 February, it has cost 680 million euros in a letter to Parliament. "The goal is to attain a state of the French state at last," he added. France currently has 14.3% stake in the group.

This participation was made without information on the board of directors (in groups) or French government, "said French Foreign Minister Bruno Le Maire. "It is essential to respect the principles of good governance and to manage Air France-KLM in its social interest without interference from national states," the minister added.

"Air France-KLM to directly influence the future development"

This decision, once the leader of the KLM, after the future of Pieter Elbers, finally proposed the board of directors of Air France-KLM again on February 19. The leaders of the Dutch branch in February reported that the renewal of their mandate leaders was not confirmed, and workers were struck.

The Netherlands's fraud in the company's capital has also made numerous trials in Air France last year, which is why the Dutch have been worried about the stability of the French company.

"With this purchase, the Dutch Government may have direct impact on the future development of Air France-KLM to ensure maximum public interest," said Wopke Hoekstra.

Air France and KLM joined in 2004 but largely act independently, while social movements have shaken the French horn in recent years.

Air France-KLM boss Benjamin Smithe has made a "lively debate" in February to bring an alliance and fate for the Dutch Government's KLM agreement with Pieter Elbers. According to the Dutch press, even if it was confirmed in his post, the KLM boss was "difficult", as Benjamin Smith wanted to get together.

KLM's future is directly linked to the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport

The future of KLM is directly linked to the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport, one of the main European airline and a key place in the economic development of the Netherlands. "It has a strong Air France-KLM airport, Schiphol's extended center is very important in the Netherlands," Hoekstra said in his letter to the Parliament.

Air France-KLM announced a net profit of 409 million euros last week in 2018, double the year before (163 million) to show "good resistance". and raise the fuel bill.


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