Thursday , January 28 2021

The New York Times warns Apple News: what you need to know

du March 25, next Monday, Cupertino plans to raise the cover Two new services. The first one is a platform SVOD It's a clear ambition to compete with the ambition NetflixWho is invented does not want to leave that new one market of the entertainment. The latter, in his own name, is called Apple News Magazine.

It's more or less a type Flipboard or Google Newswhat is the rate? $ 10 per month and the user. Will grant access news Among the most current titles … New Tork Times, among which CEO do not want to get involvedApple.

What publishers are in danger?

Since then repayment of texture companies Tim CookThis initiative is not happy. Mark Thompson, The president du New York Times Company (first director BBC), so specify the card you want to leaveother organisms on top together her content it indicates risk that's why journalists.

It is simply presented in a form loss of total control About goods it will be shared. For example, they can be highlighted with the media The editorial line is quite the opposite Big App. He also compared this system to Reed Hastings, earning more money, creating his own film and series. at the expense of competing studios.

The New York Times is not worrying

Still very up to date digital, The Times It seems to be very important for the future, with this announcement. Understandable, this positioning by the way continue according to Washington Post… One man directs it Jeff Bezos, who is aware of a ray about this subjectAmazon It lists millions of products from different brands.

However, this will not interfere Apple remarkably du Wall Street Journal, shape or trendy It is one of the publications that can be found on the InternetNews magazine application.


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