Monday , July 4 2022

The note of "Respect" was postponed by Youssou Ndour on November 30


IGFM-Adja Katy Cissi's mother, according to the death of Adrian Katy Ciss's mother, Birane Ndour, released a mute respect for the family "Youssou Ndour", "Youssou Ndour".

The selected date is November 30. In less than 5 days.

Youssou Ndour's label for "high-turnover" label was created for many years by its reputation for quality. Once again, local smells with tasty international dances will feature melodies and sounds for fans of many musicians. In any case, ears that hear the album do not stop, to denounce the quality of this new album.

Your respect! Mourn and correctly on November 30.


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