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The trick to protect his child Meghan's daughter


Thomas Markle, father Meghan Markle, has good advice for the child safety of the dukes Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle's father is ready to do something to protect his grandfather. To do this, he used it "Extreme Methods" According to Gala magazine. Meghan was released from Hollywood, Buckingham, Harry Harry and Andrew Morton. In the author's case, Thomas senior considered Meghan as his "Flower". In fact, "When he was a baby, his brother, Thomas Markle Junior, allowed friends to get rid of their joints in the family home.". That's why, as the author says, being different from Mekhan, Thomas Markle used a strange method.

"One day, he and his friends smoked marijuana in the living room, when Meghan cried out in his room, the father announced in a loud voice that he would change his diaper. Soon afterwards, he appeared again in the living room, the dirty woolen saddle on the couch, pulled out a spoon He started eating from his pocket and "content". Andrew Morton writes.

This method is bored, "The friends of Thomas Markle Jr. left immediately, noticing that they were just chocolate yogurt." However, since Prince Harry, married to a 2018 friend, Meghan does not speak very well with his father. Person who was previously the father of protection was turned into England. However, everything is not black in the Markle clan.

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